BLU issues software fix for bricked Life One X2 devices

BLU is finally fixing the Life One X2 devices it bricked last week. The phones were locked after downloading an OTA update which left owners unable to access any of their data. The only way that owners were able to get their phones working was through a factory reset that wiped everything from the device. Now, almost a week after the problems began, BLU is helping owners unlock their phones. The company tweeted out that those affected should contact for further instructions. It looks like the steps to unlocking the phone is just downloading a file from BLU and placing it on a microSD card, booting your phone into recovery mode, and applying the update. Here are the full steps: Download the update here. Copy and paste to your SD card with your computer. In order to do so, you can download the file to a specific location or your desktop, once this is done you can copy and paste the file on to your SD card, which should be found in the “Devices and drives” page of your computer, if using a PC. Remove SD card from your computer Turn off your Life One X2 and remove the back cover Insert SD card with the zip file into your Life One X2 and place the back cover back on. Press and hold Volume up + Power button Release Power button when you see “boot into recovery mode” With Volume down button highlight “Apply update from SD Card” and press the Power button to select it With Volume down button highlight the file and press the Power button to select it After update finishes successfully, highlight Reboot system now using the Volume down button and select it using the Power button When device reboots, enter original pin or password This fix will is only for users who haven’t voluntarily hard reset their device. This will not restore any deleted data and is only to unlock currently devices. Life One X2 owners have been frustrated by the company’s lack of response up until now. BLU continued to send out promotional posts on its social media platforms and but no posts that addressed this issue. The only way users were getting any information were through Facebook comment or tweet replies that simply stated the company was aware of the issue and were working on a fix. Luckily, that fix is here… six days after the company bricked its customers’ phones. Are you a Life One X2 owner? Have you applied the fix? Let us know how it went for you down in the comments.

date: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 21:49:57 +0000