5 Best Pixel 2 XL Cases from Spigen

So, you’ve got yourself a brand new Pixel 2 XL — now what? Well, you probably already checked out our guides walking you through the first things you should do, as well as 67 tips and tricks to get the most out of the device. But even before all of that — you’re going to want to protect your new investment with a case. There are plenty of options available online, with countless products available from multiple manufacturers. One of our personal favorites is Spigen who offers some of the highest quality — and most reasonably priced — cases you can find online hands down. In this post, we’re taking a look at 5 of the best cases Spigen has to offer for the Pixel 2 XL. Let’s dive in. Thin Fit $12 The Thin Fit is normally my personal go-to case for my devices. The snap-on case offers a nice, rubbery soft touch finish and while it doesn’t provide much protection, the grip it offers should prevent accidental slips. My only issue is with how the case fits on the Pixel 2 XL because of the phone’s 3D display. The display is more like a Galaxy S7 than a traditional flat display and in order to protect it from a drop, the Thin Fit’s edges are raised considerably so. If they weren’t, I’m sure the case would get a bad rating, so Spigen’s hands were tied here. In either case it’s a great option for those wanting a thin, extremely grippy case for the Pixel 2 XL. Buy on Amazon Liquid Crystal $11 If you have the white Pixel 2 XL, a clear case is all but mandatory to show off that elusive color combo. Spigen’s Liquid Crystal is a clear TPU case that’s of a much higher quality than the cheap ones you’ll find on eBay. The case is chiseled perfectly, buttons precisely cut, and it’s actually much thicker than Spigen leads on, so there’s plenty of protection. The corners of the case also feature Spigen’s “Air Cushion” design (tiny air pockets) to help protect the corners in the event of a drop, so it’s definitely better than your run of the mill TPU case. Buy on Amazon Rugged Armor $12 The Rugged Armor case is actually pretty similar to the Liquid Crystal in that it’s a full TPU case. The name suggests it might offer more protection, but it’s actually the same thickness, just the design looks more “rugged.” You have air cushioned corners and interesting carbon fiber accents on the back. The texture, chiseled edges, make the phone feel as good as it looks. Great protection, but not overly bulky. Buy on Amazon Neo Hybrid $17 The Neo Hybrid case is one of Spigen’s more popular models. It has a dual-layered designed with a hard outer plastic that’s more for aesthetics than actual protection. It looks great, adds a little flair and the case itself feels great in the hand. Of course you still get the air cushion corners for added protection but if you like the style, Neo Hybrid is great and comes in various colors to suit your taste. Buy on Amazon Tough Armor $18 The Spigen Tough Armor case is just that. It’s a super rugged, extremely thick TPU case that offers optimal protection. The inner TPU layer is accented with a hard plastic shell on the back and on the black model, features a rubbery, soft touch finish. Inside you have air pockets in the corners to protect from drops and the on the back a handy kickstand to prop up the phone and view media. The kickstand is a tad bit flimsy and only holds the phone at one specific angle, but it’s great if you’re having lunch or propping the phone up at your desk. It’s by far one of the most minimal and sexy rugged cases out there and comes highly recommended. At $18, it wont break the bank (or your phone). Buy on Amazon

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