Holiday Deal: Mint Mobile offers 3 months of service for $20

This year for the holidays, Mint Mobile is offering 3 months of service for only $20. That’s $40 less than the normal price for this plan, which includes unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 5GB of LTE data. Get this deal Okay, sure. What’s the fine print? Actually, there’s not much! Here’s the full breakdown: This deal began on November 22 and is only here for a limited time — the deal ends January 1, 2019. If you decide that Mint isn’t for you at any point during your first week, then you can collect a full refund. Cannot combine this offer with any other offers. No real strings or ‘gotchas.’ Straightforward, high-quality deals are kind of what we’ve come to expect from Mint. So what exactly is Mint Mobile? Mint Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Basically, that just means it piggybacks off T-Mobile’s network and you can use any unlocked smartphone compatible with T-Mobile. Furthermore, if T-Mobile has solid coverage in your area, then you can expect the same coverage from Mint. Editor's PickBest prepaid phones (May 2018)There was a time when prepaid was a carrier status maintained almost exclusively by young people and often the ‘credit challenged’. After all, prepaid phone plans were generally less impressive than carrier plans with too … Not sure if your phone is compatible with Mint? Click the Bring Your Own Phone link at the top of the page to find out! What is particularly nice is that Mint Mobile is the only T-Mobile prepaid subsidiary that sells its plans in multiple-month batches. If you decide to give Mint Mobile a try, you can click the link below to grab 3 months of service for $20. The deal will only be available until January 1, so don’t delay!  Get this deal Up next: Get a free Samsung TV when you buy a Galaxy phone on T-Mobile

date: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 20:06:18 +0000