Google to spend $1B on NYC campus

 Alphabet Inc’s Google said it is committed to investing over $1 billion to establish a new campus in New York city, as it expands its current presence in the city’s technology corridor along the Hudson River. The new leased campus, which is over 158,000m² (around 1.7 million square feet) will be the primary location for Google’s global business organisation, the company said in a blog post. With the investment, Google plans on doubling its headcount in the city from 7,000 employees to 14,000. The expansion of the Google Campus will be gradual, taking up to a decade to be fully implemented. The announcement follows Google acquisition of the Chelsea Market for $2.4 billion back in March and comes hot on the heels of Amazon’s decision to chose New York as a location for its HQ2. If you’re looking for a tech job in the next few years, it looks like New York City may be competing directly with the Bay Area in California.  Source: Google Blog

date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 15:49:04 +0000