You can now add a Chromecast to a speaker group using the Google Home app

Third-gen Chromecast Chromecasts can now be added to be speaker groups in the Google Home app. Previously, only Chromecast Audio dongles and Cast-enabled speakers were eligible for grouping. You will need to enable the preview program in your Google Home app to get the feature for now. If you own several Cast-enabled speakers throughout your home, you’ve likely grouped them all together into a speaker group using your Google Home app. That way, you can cast music from one audio source and have the music play in sync throughout your whole house. Previously though, you couldn’t group your Chromecast into a speaker group. You could group your Chromecast Audio, but not the Chromecast hooked up to your television. Editor's PickThird-generation Chromecast review: 1080p 60fps is the new baselineUpdate October 11, 2018 ( 8:00pm ET): We originally shared that the outgoing Chromecast was only able to output at 720p. This was posted in error and has been corrected. Original post October 11, 2018 (10:30am ET): Google … Today, Google is finally allowing Chromecasts to get added to speaker groups in the Google Home app, via XDA Developers. You’ll have to enable the preview program through your Google Home app and then restart your systems, but at least it’s finally possible! First, to opt-in to the preview program on your Chromecast, follow these instructions: Open up your Google Home app. Find the Chromecast you would like to add to the preview program. Tap the settings icon and then tap Preview Program. Follow the prompts to opt-in. Restart your Chromecast. Repeat for other Chromecasts in your home. Once you’ve performed the above steps, you should be able to add your Chromecast to your existing speaker group(s) just like you added the previous devices. Eventually, this feature should rollout to all Chromecasts without having to opt-in to the preview program. However, it’s not clear how long that will take, so the preview program is your best bet for now. Speaking of Chromecasts, Google is going to halve the price of the third-generation Chromecast for Black Friday. Click below to find out more. NEXT: Google’s Black Friday sales offer deals on the Pixel 3, Google Home Hub, and much more

date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018 20:09:03 +0000