Rome: Total War will charge its way to Android this winter

Feral Interactive will release the Android version of Rome: Total War sometime this winter. The original game was first developed by The Creative Assembly for the PC in 2004. Feral ported and released the game for the iPhone and iPad back in 2016. One of the best historical real-time strategy games of all time is finally making its way to Android devices. Rome: Total War, which was first released by its original developer The Creative Assembly for the PC in 2004, will make its Android debut sometime this winter. Editor's Pick15 best strategy games for Android Strategy is among the oldest game types in human history. Whether it's chess, board games, or even some card games, we've been playing strategy games since long before there was ever a computer. Strategy games … Feral Interactive, which released the Mac version in 2010 and launched the iOS version of the same game in 2016, will also handle the duties for the Android port as well. Feral has already issued a warning in its press release (via Droid Gamers) that the Android version of Rome: Total War will only be supported on a limited number of devices, but it did not offer specifics. It also did not announce a price for the game, although the iOS version costs $9.99. Rome: Total War was the third game in the Total War series of historical RTS titles from The Creative Assembly. It has since become one of the most critically acclaimed games in the RTS genre, thanks in part to its huge real-time battles that featured hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of units on screen at once. It combines these RTS conflicts with a turn-based campaign map as you try to take over the ancient Roman Empire. Feral says the Android version will feature intuitive controls made for touch screens, along with a UI that will allow players to successfully wage their campaigns in ancient Rome.

date: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 08:41:45 +0000