How to give your OnePlus 6T a transparent glass back

While we can all agree that smartphones with a glass back are far more susceptible to meet an untimely demise, the use of glass offers up a unique aesthetic that you can’t really get with plastic or metal. HTC’s liquid surface design of its HTC U series give the phones a two-tone color effect based on how the light hits the back of the phone and the latest devices from Huawei deliver a stunning gradient. But the most obvious characteristic of glass that only a few smartphones have taken advantage of is its transparency. The HTC U12+ and the Xiaomi Mi 8 give users a subtle look into the interior of the phones with a semi-transparent glass panel on the back, but if you’re a bit adventurous, you can have the same look on nearly every smartphone with a rear glass panel. OnePlus 6T versus OnePlus 6: which one should you buy? Many of you know Jerry from Jerry Rig Everything from his smartphone durability videos, but he’s also been on a transparent smartphone kick this year. In his latest video, Jerry shows how to remove the glass panel from the back of the OnePlus 6T, peel off the black vinyl from the glass and then reapply the panel to the back of the OnePlus 6T. As you might expect, this process does void the warranty of the phone and also decreases the phone’s unofficial water resistance (the OnePlus 6T is water resistant, but doesn’t have an official IP rating). Follow along with Jerry and you’ll have a transparent OnePlus 6T in less than 20 minutes. Would you ever undertake a DIY project like this to get a phone with a transparent back or would you rather have smartphone manufacturers give you the option to purchase one even if it was at a premium?

date: Mon, 05 Nov 2018 18:42:16 +0000