DJI Osmo Pocket: More than just another action cam

DJI Because Life is Big event space New York Nov 2018 This post originally appeared on our partner site, Drone Rush. We usually turn to DJI to see great drones, but they also produce some solid camera gimbals and accessories. The Ronin system, for example, is great in-hand or when attached to the Matrice 600 and other big drones. Today, DJI has a small consumer product for you, the new Osmo Pocket. C. Scott Brown at DJIWe first eyed this new Osmo product in a leak for the Mavic 2 series, with new leaks and rumors rolling out over the past few weeks. All those leaks and rumors pointed to what DJI has released today, a handheld gimbal sporting a similar camera to the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro. (We know now that it’s more likely the camera from the Mavic 2 Zoom.) DJI has released the DJI Osmo Pocket at the “Because Life Is Big” event in New York. Related ArticlesCheetah Mobile apps accused of ad fraud by claiming credit for app installs (Update)41% off the ChargeOne: A wireless charger with speed and style The DJI Osmo Pocket DJI Osmo Pocket unveil What are you hoping for in a pocket camera? How would you like a 4K camera that shoots up to 60fps? A compact size with a stabilized gimbal? The ability to shoot video directly or connect to your phone to gain enhanced modes and settings? We’re not saying DJI has all your needs covered, but the new Osmo Pocket hits at least these few points.  This is not a hand-held camera and gimbal like the Ronin S is a hand-held system, the Osmo Pocket fits in, well, your pocket, and it only weighs 116 grams. On top there is a 12MP camera with 1/2.3-inch sensor — the same as the Mavic 2 Zoom, as well as the Mavic Air, Mavic Pro and Spark, not to mention a number of other camera drones on the market. It has an 80-degree field-of-view with f/2.0 aperture. The Osmo Pocket shoots up to 4K video, that’s 3840 x 2160 resolution, with a maximum frame rate of 60fps and DJI’s favorite new data rate of 100Mbps.  DJI Osmo Pocket colors Like its other drones, you’ll be shooting in JPG or DNG RAW for still photos, then recording MP4 or MOV video files with the H.264 codec. Store all that footage on a microSD card, with support for cards up to 256GB (like this Samsung Evo card, still $45 for the holidays.)  The battery on board is set to last you up to 140 minutes of stabilized footage on the go. Charging and connectivity is done through a USB Type-C connection at the bottom. Features and accessories DJI Osmo Pocket submerged We all know that cameras are important, but are not, exactly, ground breaking technology at this point. What really makes or breaks a mobile system like this are the features and accessories. Good thing DJI is on the same page. First, you can take advantage of many of DJI’s familiar camera modes. Automated Panorama images, Motionlapse filmography, NightShot photo mode and even ActiveTrack — just set up Osmo Pocket on the side and let it do the work of a camera crew. Like most of the higher-end consumer drones, you can choose to shoot in full auto mode, or you can take control with granular settings for ISO, Aperture, and more.  Further modes are available, and even more functionality is possible with a long list of accessories already in the works. From charging accessories, to typical camera gear, perhaps one of these is right for you: Charging case – Holds SD cards, ND filters, smartphone connectors and the Osmo Pocket Wireless module – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to your mobile device Controller Wheel – For precise pan and tilt control Quick-Release Base – Yes, it looks like a fancy GoPro mount Extension Rod – To use the Osmo Pocket as you would the older Osmo products ND Filters – A pro camera staple 3.5mm Adapter – Connect an external mic through the USB Type-C port Smartphone adapters – USB Type-C and Lighting for your Android phone or iOS device Waterproof Case – Life doesn’t stop when the sky is falling Cover – A simple case to hold your Osmo Pocket Accessory Mount – Once again, yes, that looks like a normal GoPro mount The inclusion of the Accessory Mount is clever. Compatibility with most accessories already out there for all the GoPro cameras through the years eases the initial barriers to get started with this new system. We’re eager to get this camera system home and see how it compares to the GoPro itself. (Side note, we’ve got the perfect drone to attach this to. More on that later.) DJI Mimo app DJI Osmo Pocket Mimo app Launching alongside the Osmo Pocket is a dedicated app to take full advantage of all the camera settings and more. DJI Mimo is the tool you need to go full manual control, as well as to engage the smart shooting modes. If nothing else, the app turns your phone into the viewfinder for this camera.  In addition to all the modes that we’ll put to the test later, the DJI Mimo app has powerful built-in editing  software, which includes their growing library of free music. DJI is building a community around this device, but you can take your creations to your other social platforms as well. [Link to app coming soon] Spec list  DJI Osmo Pocket StyleHand-held mobile camera with 3-axis stabilization Size122 x 37 x 29mm Weight116g Battery845mAh lithium polymer Non-removable Battery life140 minutes (max) Charging time: 73 minutes Range10 meters to mobile device Camera1/2.3-inch CMOS 12MP f/2.0 aperture 4K at 100Mbps 80-degree field-of-view Video recording4K: 24/25/30/48/50/60fps (3840x2160) FHD: 24/25/30/48/50/60fps (1920x1080) StorageUp to 256GB via microSD Remote controllerDJI Mimo app for Android and iOS Gimbal rangePan: -230 to 50 degrees Tilt: -95 to 50 degrees Roll: -45 to 45 degrees Release dateNovember 2018 Price and availability DJI Osmo Pocket Price The DJI Osmo Pocket is up for order now, set at $349. It will start shipping on December 15, just in time for Christmas, hopefully.  Order Osmo Pocket Will you be buying the DJI Osmo Pocket? Do you think the DJI Osmo series should still exist? Share your thoughts in the comments below or head over to our social media accounts. Stay tuned for more coverage and some comparisons to drones and other small format cameras, we’ve got a demo unit in hand, and we’re already taking some photos. What’s next? We’ve got all the Best drones here, or check out our master Drone Rush drones list! Best Drones of 2018 Drones under $1000 Best camera Drones Best nano drones FAA Registration Drones under $500 Best racing drones Best drone apps Drone Pilot Training   |   Drone starter guide   |   Drone Manufacturers Drone Pilot Ground School 1920x238 banner

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