Deal: Mint Mobile offers three months of service for only $20

Mint Mobile deal Mint Mobile joined the incredibly large pool of Black Friday deals with one of its own: three months of service for only $20, a $40 discount from the normal price. Each of these three months include 5GB of 4G LTE alongside unlimited talk and text. Get this deal A new activation is required and you cannot combine this deal with other offers. Also, the deal begins on November 22 and is here for a limited time. You also get a seven-day guarantee if you decide that Mint Mobile is not for you. Other than that, we do not see any strings attached apart from the usual things to keep in mind regarding Mint Mobile. First up is that Mint Mobile works on T-Mobile’s network due to Mint Mobile being a T-Mobile MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). As such, make sure your smartphone is either a T-Mobile phone or an unlocked smartphone that works on T-Mobile’s network. Editor's PickBest prepaid phones (May 2018)There was a time when prepaid was a carrier status maintained almost exclusively by young people and often the ‘credit challenged’. After all, prepaid phone plans were generally less impressive than carrier plans with too … Mint Mobile’s service is also nowhere near what T-Mobile offers, so do not expect the speeds that Magenta is used to delivering. Even so, Mint Mobile has its own Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) page that lets you check if your phone is compatible with its network. What is particularly nice is that Mint Mobile is the only T-Mobile prepaid subsidiary that sells its plans in multiple-month batches. If you decide to give Mint Mobile a try, you can click the link below to grab three months of service for $20. Do note that the deal expires in less than 24 hours (17 hours as of publication). Also make sure to check out our Black Friday hub for many more deals from many more retailers and carriers. Get this deal Up next: Black Friday 2018: The best deals that are already live

date: Thu, 22 Nov 2018 05:05:18 +0000