Check out One UI: A newer, rounder take on the Samsung Experience (Updated with video)

On Wednesday at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA, Samsung announced an all-new take on its Samsung Experience software. The new, revamped software design is called One UI, and it’s focused on three major things: simplification, ease of use, and making everything more visually appealing. Samsung says One UI is “a new approach to content and controls.” The redesign is meant to highlight things that matter, and hide things that don’t. For example, One UI will almost split up the devices screen into a top and bottom half: a viewing area on the top and an interaction area on the bottom. The viewing area is meant for things that you might not necessarily need to interact with right away. For example, in the messages app, the top half of the screen will show the name of the app and a search box, while the bottom half — the interactive half — is where you’ll find all your conversations. Another example of this can be found in the clock app. The top half of the screen will show you relevant information like your next alarm, while the bottom half will allow you to change and set alarms. Multiple Samsung apps will also now utilize a bottom navigation bar. Samsung hopes this will make it easier for users to interact with their phones without having to reach all the way up to the top of the screen. Plus, it makes the user interface look cleaner. Speaking of aesthetics, you can also expect to see even more rounded corners around the interface. This is to echo the rounded hardware of all Samsung’s Galaxy devices. The settings menu in One UI will also be simplified. Samsung is now grouping relevant settings options together, which should make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. In addition, Samsung’s One UI will feature an optional system-wide night mode if you prefer to look at a darker screen at night, as well as bolder accent colors to make things pop out even more. Plus, One UI will have a colored theme to match your smartphone’s color! That’s pretty cool. Don't missHere’s how to join the Samsung One UI beta program Fresh off its announcement of its revamped One UI software design, Samsung also announced the One UI beta program. So long as the excessive use of rounded corners does not bother you, signing up for … Samsung will release a beta test program for One UI this November in the U.S., Germany, and Korea, followed by more countries in Europe and Asia in the future. One UI will roll out to Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and Note 9 users first in 2019, which will also bring the Android 9 Pie update to those three phones. While Samsung didn’t explicitly announce that in its keynote, we have seen leaked builds of Android Pie running on the Galaxy S9 Plus, featuring this new user interface. Samsung’s One UI website is now live too, so you can see even more examples of the user interface at this link.

date: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 14:07:51 +0000