Black Friday phone deals: Amazon Prime members can save big on unlocked Android phones

motorola moto g6 and moto g6 play review software display If you’re an Amazon Prime member (sign up here!), or always wanted to try it out, you can use it to snag some huge savings during the Black Friday shopping period on five unlocked Android smartphones. Yes, that’s going on now! Most of the handsets on sale are in the mid-to-budget range, and all of them are Amazon Prime Exclusive phones. That includes the Motorola Moto X4. The 5.2-inch phone is currently priced for Amazon Prime users at $179.99, a $70 discount from its normal price tag of $249.99. Buy Moto X4 at Amazon If you want something more recent, the Motorola Moto G6 may be for you. The 5.7-inch phone will cost you $199.99 if you are an Amazon Prime member, a $50 price cut from its normal level of $249.99. Buy Moto G6 from Amazon The last Motorola phone on sale is the Moto Z3 Play. This phone has a 6-inch display and comes with support for the many Moto Mods accessories you can place on the back of the phone. It’s available now for $369.99 for Amazon Prime members. That’s a full $100 reduction from its normal $469.99 price tag! Buy Moto Z3 Play at Amazon If you want a big-screened phone but don’t want to pay a lot for it, the LG Stylo 4 may be for you. It has a 6.2-inch display and comes with its own embedded stylus pen. It’s currently priced at just $179.99 for Amazon Prime users, a big $120 discount from its normal $299.99 price. Buy LG Stylo 4 at Amazon Finally, we have a true flagship-style phone on sale in the LG V35 ThinQ. It has a 6-inch OLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, and dual 16MP rear cameras. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber this phone could be yours for just $549.99, a massive $350 discount from its normal $899.99 price tag. Buy LG V35 ThinQ at Amazon Keep in mind that while these phones do come unlocked, they will still have several of Amazon’s app pre-installed. Again, if you need to sign up for Amazon Prime, do so right here. 

date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 20:12:45 +0000