These are the best Galaxy S9 screen protectors

Protecting the Samsung Galaxy S9's curved display is no easy task — tempered glass offers the best protection but a PET film can generally flex around the edges of curved displays better. There's also a price difference, so there's a lot to consider when you're buying. Whether you prefer tempered glass or a flexible film, these are the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Our Favorite Whitestone Dome Glass The big selling feature for this wet install screen protector is its unique curing process, which uses UV light. If the worst case scenario has already occurred and your screen is cracked, think of this as a second chance screen before dropping hundreds of dollars on a proper replacement screen. It's by no means cheap, but it's one that you can trust to apply well, hold well to the edges of your screen, and protect it with its life. $50 at Amazon Easy to Install amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector Whereas the Whitestone Dome Glass might require the most complicated installation process, amFilm has tried to simplify the process by providing an installation guide so you can line up the perfect fit. This simpler screen protector also comes with a more wallet-friendly price. The more classic dot-matrix and silicone gel is more prone to peeling up, so make sure you follow amFilm's installation guide. $12 at Amazon Best for Cases Spigen NeoFlex screen protector (2-pack) Spigen always makes great cases, so they're the natural choice for making case-friendly screen protectors. They might not be tempered glass, but they're far easier on your wallet, and far easier to apply since you can keep your case on. Just make sure you watch the installation video and be very patient with the drying process. $9 at Amazon Thinnest Option IQShield Case Friendly Film Screen Protector (2-pack) IQShield offers a two-pack of tissue-paper-thin plastic film screen protectors that have been fine-tuned to be compatible just about any case you throw at it. These screen protectors have an oleophobic coating to help prevent fingerprints and smudges and are easy to install. $8 at Amazon Are screen protectors and cases a must-buy for any new phone you own or do you prefer the naked look and feel? Have you had hands-on experience with a screen protector that others should know about? Let us know in the comments! Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Galaxy S9 and S9+: Everything you need to know! Galaxy S9 review: A great phone for the masses Complete Galaxy S9 and S9+ specs Galaxy S9 vs. Galaxy S8: Should you upgrade? Join our Galaxy S9 forums Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Amazon Update September 2018: We've updated pricing information for our picks and condensed our recommendations so that you can find what you want faster.

date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 15:00:00 +0000