The keyboard Moto Mod for the Moto Z is dead

Indiegogo backers can get refunds through September 30. Back at CES 2018, we got a hands-on look at what could have been one of the most exciting Moto Mods of the year — the Livermorium slider keyboard. The purpose of this Moto Mod was to add a physical keyboard to any Moto Z smartphone, but as of September 13, the accessory is dead. On the Indiegogo page for the Mod, Livermorium posted a final update announcing that the keyboard Mod has been canceled for three main reasons: Lack of businesses/retailers interested in selling it. Moto Z sales are low. The company "did not receive any external financial support from any entity." In other words, they ran out of cash. While a failed Indiegogo campaign isn't anything new, it's particularly damning considering that Livermorium's keyboard Mod won Motorola's "Transform the Smartphone Challenge" earlier this year. Livermorium is offering refunds to backers through September 30 via PayPal, but if you feel like placing your trust in the company once more, it's apparently now working on its own smartphone that's referred to as the "Q-device." It's said to be a "High-end and Premium Landscape Slider Smartphone", so there's that if you're interested. Fingers-on with the new and weird Vital and Keyboard Moto Mods

date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 14:47:18 +0000