Samsung has transformed the Bengaluru Opera House into its largest store yet

Samsung Opera House Store Samsung Samsung has opened its largest retail store yet in Bangalore, India. The building is a renovated opera house that keeps its classic exterior but now features a modern interior. The store will serve as an experience center and showcase all of the company’s various products. Samsung, just like so many other technology companies, is working hard to keep a market dominance in India. Following the recent announcement that the South Korean giant opened the world’s largest mobile phone factory in the outskirts of Delhi, Samsung has now revealed its largest retail store yet in Bangalore (via CNET). The 33,000 square feet store will serve multiple purposes for Samsung. First, it’s a retail location where customers can buy some of the company’s latest products. Second, it’s an experience center that offers a number of VR and home theater activities that allow customers to experience being inside of a fighter jet, kayak down a river, and much more. And lastly, it will serve as a customer service center where users can get help with their devices and enjoy free public Wi-Fi. The store itself was originally an Opera House that was built during the colonial period and hosted various plays and operas. Over the last two years, Samsung has restored the historic building, keeping the classic look and feel on the outside of the opera house while making the inside more modern and innovative-looking. Editor's PickSamsung Galaxy S10: All the rumors in one place (Updated August 27) Updated August 27, 2018 (01:22PM EST): New details are here about the fingerprint readers in the Samsung Galaxy S10 line, along with some new information about whether or not there will be 5G support. Check … As previously mentioned, Samsung is continuing to working to secure its place in India’s smartphone market. As of right now, Samsung is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the Indian market following Xiaomi. Samsung likely hopes to win over more customers by building facilities like this innovative retail outlet which signifies the company’s commitment to the region. You can read more about the Samsung Opera House here.

date: Tue, 11 Sep 2018 20:07:02 +0000