Cloud Silver edition of Galaxy Note 9 will be Best Buy exclusive October 5

An image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cloud Silver edition. Samsung The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cloud Silver edition will be a Best Buy exclusive and go on sale on October 5. Samsung will also finally bring the Midnight Black edition of the Galaxy Note 9 to the United States on October 12. Pricing for the devices wasn’t explicitly stated, but we assume pricing will be the same as previous color variants. Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in three different colors: Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, and Lavender Purple. However, only certain colors were available in certain areas of the world, and some colors don’t allow for the 512GB/8GB upgrade. It appears that Samsung is making things even more complicated when it comes to colors with the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cloud Silver edition, pictured above. The Cloud Silver model will only be available at and in Best Buy stores, starting on October 5, making Cloud Silver a United States exclusive (for now). Check out these press images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cloud Silver edition: Press images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cloud Silver edition. Samsung also revealed that the Midnight Black version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will finally make its way to the United States. Starting on October 12, you’ll be able to pick up the 128GB/6GB model in Midnight Black from as well as other retail shops. The upgraded 512GB/8GB Midnight Black model will hit U.S. shops (and on October 26. Editor's PickSamsung Galaxy Note 9 review: In praise of incrementalism This review is bought to you by the folks at Moment, who make excellent photo cases and lenses to elevate your smartphone photography to the next level. Get 20% off when you pre-order a Note 9 … This all means that as of October 26, the United States will have all color options of the Galaxy Note 9 available to buy. However, the rest of the world will still be stuck with a limited set of colors until Samsung makes the Cloud Silver edition available in other countries (if it ever decides to do so). Samsung didn’t say in its press release on the matter whether or not pricing would be different for the new Cloud Silver model or Midnight Black model in the U.S. We assume pricing will stay the same, regardless of color choice, but have reached out to Samsung for clarification. Will you be picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cloud Silver model, or will you wait instead for one of the many new smartphones launching in October? Let us know in the comments! NEXT: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery review: Huge, but enough?

date: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 16:07:23 +0000