Best Backpacks for Transporting Your Drone

Anyone who's ever crashed their brand new drone knows that they aren't exactly built Ford Tough. Hell, even in simply transporting them, if you're not careful, you can bust a blade, scratch them up, or worse. Grab one of these backpacks and keep your drone safe so that it can fly free (in one piece). Amazon's Choice Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250 Lowepro's drone backpack is the best option for anyone with a DJI Mavic Pro/Pro Platinum, and it can even fit a 15-inch laptop, as well as a 10-inch tablet. Basically, if you need to carry your drone and all the things, this is the backpack. Double-check sizing, as it may fit other drone brands. $110 at Amazon Trusted Brand Manfrotto MB BP-D1 Manfrotto is the best when it comes to bags and cases for professional video and photography equipment, and since that now includes drones, the MB BP-D1 continues that tradition. This one's designed to specifically fit the DJI Phantom in multiple configurations. Check sizing, since it may also fit other brands. $138 at Amazon Pockets for Days Smatree Phantom 4 Backpack This backpack is for the DJI Phantom 4/Phantom 4 Pro, and while it has a large main pocket for the Phantom in its original styrofoam case, it also has pockets and compartments for extra batteries, accessories, a tablet, propellers, and much more. $50 at Amazon Budget Pick Powerextra waterproof carrying bag This large backpack is for the DJI Phantom 3 series, but take a look at sizing and other drones may fit. It's actually a big foam shell for your drone, rather than a traditional backpack, and it has extra room for more batteries and your controller. $41 at Amazon Upgrade Pick Peak Design Everyday Backpack Though it's for much more than just a drone, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack might just be one of the best professional backpacks ever made. It has loads of room for a drone, laptop, tablet, whatever you need to get through the day. It comes in 20-liter and 30-liter options, so you can grab the size that suits your everyday carry. $260 at Amazon For Any Phantom SSE drone backpack SSE's backpack can take any drone in the DJI Phantom line, and can likely carry other drone brands as well. This one can be carried as either a backpack or a shoulder bag, and it has enough room for a drone, a controller, three to five batteries, a battery charger, four pairs of propellers, and one laptop (up to 15 inches). It even includes a rain cover and a water bottle holder. $50 at Amazon Great mid-range option HDStars quadcopter backpack This backpack will fit all drones that measure up to 11.4 x 11.4 x 7.25. It has enough room for the drone, a controller, a phone adapter, two batteries, a charger, and then your memory cards and whatnot. The red and black color scheme is eye-catching, and the bag itself is well-made and sturdy. $65 at Amazon Extra Comfort PolarPro DroneTrekker backpack If you're going to be hiking a good distance with your drone on your back, you might as well do so in comfort. The PolarPro DroneTrekker has extra padding in its straps and an ergonomic design that hugs your sides for extra stability. It also has tons of room for a drone, a laptop, batteries, a water bottle, and lots more. TSA-approved locks too! $120 at Amazon If you've spent a small fortune on a drone, then the best way to transport it is in a bag or case, and if you have to walk anywhere, one of these backpacks is perfect. For my money, the PolarPro DroneTrekker is a comfy option with enough room for everything you need without being overly bulky.

date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 18:00:02 +0000