AMAZING 1-DAY SALE: save up to 65% on SanDisk memory cards & storage products

SanDisk has just rolled out one of the best sales we’ve seen in a long time! For one day only, SanDisk has slashed the price of nearly its entire storage product portfolio by up to 65%. If you’ve been holding off for better prices on a high-capacity microSD card (400GB microSD card for $99 – 60% off) for your smartphone, a faster SSD for your laptop (512GB USB-C SSD for $97.99 – 39% off) or a smart USB stick (200GB Connect Wireless Stick for $55.99 – 53% off), now’s the time to buy! Save up to 65% on SanDisk storage products!   Adding extra storage directly to your smartphone is always a great option, but we highly recommend SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Stick. It works as a standard USB stick for your laptop, but it also allows you to access its content over WiFi. This means you can open files or even watch videos on your device from a USB stick that’s in your pocket or backpack. It’ll even allow you to stream video and music to a Chromecast capable device.  

date: Wed, 26 Sep 2018 15:25:51 +0000