YouTube is making it easier for creators to raise money for charities

featured image for the youtube apps article YouTube Giving is a new set of tools that will enable creators to easily and quickly setup charity campaigns. Most of the tools are currently in beta and are only active for certain content creators. As part of the beta rollout, YouTube will not take any portion of the monies raised. It’s not uncommon for YouTube creators to initiate campaigns for charity. Popular vloggers and celebrities will hit up the video-sharing site to ask fans to dig deep and donate money to causes that mean a lot to them. YouTube is about to make that whole process easier and more efficient with a set of tools it calls YouTube Giving. Editor's PickHow to download YouTube videos for offline watching There are many reasons why we would want to watch YouTube offline. A long road trip, spotty network coverage, data caps, a boring flight, and the list goes on. So you want to know how to download … YouTube Giving is intended to encourage content creators to initiate more charitable giving campaigns by making the process as straightforward and powerful as possible. Right now, most of the tools are still in beta, but the core functionality is there. The tools are: Fundraisers — Using this tool, creators can embed donation buttons right into their videos and live streams. On the video’s YouTube page there will be a progress bar that will show viewers how close the creator is to reaching their fundraising goal. Check it out in the screenshots below: Screenshots of YouTube Giving features. YouTube Community Fundraisers — This is extremely similar to the first tool, but rather than one creator pushing a campaign, multiple creators can push the same campaign. That way, all viewers will see the progress of the same campaign, regardless of which creator’s content they are currently watching. Campaign Matching — This upcoming tool will allow brands and other creators to donate matching amounts to a specific campaign. For example, Brand X could say that when a creator reaches $1,000 in donations, the brand will match that amount. When that happens, the brand gets recognition for doing so. Super Chat For Good — This is the only tool that is currently available and not in beta. Just like regular Super Chats — where you pay a small amount of money to have your comment in a chat highlighted — Super Chat For Good allows you to donate your Super Chat payment to the charity that the content creator is pushing at the time. For the time period where these tools are in beta, YouTube is waiving any and all fees for donations, meaning 100 percent of all monies donated go straight to the respective charity. When the tools come out of beta, it is unclear if YouTube will charge for the service. You can read more about YouTube Giving on the company’s official blog. NEXT: YouTube’s own “Digital Wellbeing” tools available now for all

date: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 21:11:09 +0000