You can now enable Snapchat’s Android overhaul if you have root

Snapchat Icon Snapchat Alpha, a redesigned version of the Android app, has surfaced online. The app delivers a general performance boost and several other tweaks. It seems like photo quality on Android hasn’t received a noticeable boost though. Snapchat announced its intention to launch a slicker version of its Android app over a year ago, and it now looks like people have discovered a way to run the redesigned client. The overhauled app, discovered by Twitter user Jane Wong and developer Kieron Quinn (h/t: XDA-Developers), reportedly delivers a faster experience, for starters. So if you found judder to be a major issue in Snapchat on Android, this alone might make it worth a try. The redesign also delivers a streamlined settings menu, an Instagram Stories-style page for story stats, and removed Snap codes and trophies. Of course, the removed features shouldn’t necessarily be cause for alarm — this is an unreleased app anyway. Snapchat Alpha. XDA-Developers XDA-Developers also uploaded a video, comparing the old version of Snapchat to the overhauled app. We see a perceptible speed boost, but we would’ve liked to see more footage of the viewfinder in action. Editor's Pick5 best apps like Snapchat Snapchat is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. It does really well with the younger generation. In terms of sheer numbers, that's the generation that most companies want to be a … Comments on the XDA website and YouTube video suggest that the redesigned app doesn’t deliver better photos. Who cares if Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world, right? In any case, the publication has all the instructions for downloading and installing Snapchat Alpha over here. But do be warned that the installation process requires root access. What do you make of the overhauled app? Any other tweaks you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 22:09:12 +0000