UE Boom 3 and MegaBoom 3 launched with new design and “magic button”

UE Boom 3 and MegaBoom 3 UE UE Boom 3 and UE MegaBoom 3 revealed at IFA 2018. Boom 3 priced at $149 and MegaBoom 3 priced at $199. Both Bluetooth speakers feature a new design and a physical button for playlist control. Smart speakers and digital assistants may be all the rage but sometimes a solid Bluetooth speaker with stellar sound and an attractive design is all you need to get the party started. Ultimate Ears is hoping to provide just that with the UE Boom 3 and MegaBoom 3 — two ‘dumb’ wireless speakers with a new look and a “Magic Button,” unveiled today at IFA 2018 (via The Verge). As you might have guessed, the Boom 3 is the third iteration of UE’s vanilla speaker range, while the MegaBoom 3 is actually the follow-up to the original MegaBoom, but shares the ‘3’ moniker to match its smaller counterpart. Both speakers will hit the market this September with the Boom 3 priced at $149 and the MegaBoom 3 going for $199. Editor's PickAnd the best smart speaker is….... Google Home! Okay, it's an Android site, so that answer might not surprise you too much. But what might surprise you is it wasn't an Android enthusiast that came up with that answer. Our sibling … The biggest change with the new Boom range comes down to the design. The 360-degree design is still in tact and both devices are still waterproof (IP67 rated), but the volume buttons are much larger this time around and are now embedded within the speaker grill instead of a separate rubber strip. The top and bottom appear to be flatter, there’s a canvas loop for hanging the speaker, and UE has mercifully decided to move the power port (which unfortunately isn’t USB-C) to the side so you can charge the device while it’s still standing. The other major addition is the so-called “Magic Button,” which is basically a fancy play/stop/skip button with a few extra bells and whistles. Users that download the Ultimate Ears app can program up to four Deezer playlists (or Apple Music for iPhone users) which will start playing with a tap of the button. Likewise, if you hold it down then you’ll skip to the next playlist in line. For those that want digital assistant smarts, UE still offers the slightly more expensive Blast and MegaBlast speakers with Amazon Alexa. But if you’re looking to save a bit of cash and still grab a stellar portable speaker, the UE Boom 3 series should be well worth a look. Hit the buttons below to get your pre-order in today. Buy UE Boom 3 Buy UE MegaBoom 3

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/ue-boom-3-megaboom-3-ifa-2018-900117/
date: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 19:46:19 +0000