The best heavy duty cases for the Moto G6

Keep your Moto G6 well-protected with one of these heavy duty cases! The Moto G6 is a great option for anyone on a budget. Despite its budget pricing, the Moto G6 sure looks premium with Motorola opting for a glass back on this phone. For that reason alone you might be more inclined to buy a heavy duty case to keep your phone safe from harm, but especially if your work requires you to use your phone in situations where you might drop your phone on concrete or other harsh surfaces. We've rounded up the best heavy-duty cases for your Moto G6! Check out our roundup of the best cases overall for the Moto G6 Poetic Revolution Full-Body Heavy Duty Case NageBee Heavy Duty Case w/ Holster Cimo Carbon Armor Case OEAGO Shockproof Defender Case Spigen Rugged Armor Case GSDCB Heavy Duty Case with kickstand Poetic Revolution Full-Body Heavy Duty Case Poetic is a case maker known for its unique cases that blend heavy-duty protection with sleek design elements and its $17 Revolution case for the Moto G6 is a great place to start for the Moto G6. This two-piece case offers 360-degree protection that includes a built-in screen protector along with a case that combines rugged polycarbonate with shock-absorbing TPU. See at Amazon There are dust flaps covering the ports to prevent dirt and pocket lint from getting into your phone, while the exterior of the case is covered in accents that help with grip and give it a unique look. Snag it in your choice of three colors. NageBee Heavy Duty Case w/ Holster Often the added bulk of a heavy duty case makes it hard to carry the phone in your pocket, which is why you often see the most heavy duty cases coming with a belt clip holster — as is the case with this NageBee Heavy Duty case. Not a fan of the camo finish? This case is also available in black for the same low price of just $10. See at Amazon This case combines a TPU inner sleeve with a rugged polycarbonate shell that features a pop-out kickstand for hands-free media viewing. The design of this case allows for the TPU to come through the sides, which will provide you with a bit of extra grip and it's available in a camo finish for the outdoorsy types. Use the included holster if you need quick access to your phone in the field but want to ensure that it's kept safe when not in use. Cimo Carbon Armor Case Cimo has you covered with its $6 Carbon Armor case. This dual-layer case features a rugged outer shell combined with a silicone sleeve that features a carbon fiber finish along the top and bottom of the case. See at Amazon There's a cutout for the camera and also the Motorola logo for those who care about branding, and everything is designed to keep your Moto G6 well protected and functional. You can grab this in three colors. OEAGO Shockproof Defender Case This $8 case from OEAGO is basically a triple-layer case that offers you excellent protection for your G6. It starts with a robust TPU sleeve, which is wrapped by a polycarbonate shell, which is then plated with another layer of TPU complete with a grippy texture to ensure your phone doesn't slip off the table or out of your hand. See at Amazon It all adds up to a pretty solid case available in multiple color options and just happens to be among the most affordable on this list. Spigen Rugged Armor Case Spigen's $11 Rugged Armor case is my go-to case style for any new phone, so we'll definitely recommend it here for the Moto G6. It's got that carbon fiber finish at the top and bottom with a matte finish elsewhere, along with Spigen's air cushion technology in the corners to help absorb impacts. See at Amazon It's a slim, one-piece case that might not appear as rugged as the other cases on this list, but looks can be deceiving — this case is the real deal! GSDCB Heavy Duty Case with Kickstand This $6 case is worth at least triple its price, with its hard polycarbonate plastic shell, flexible TPU interior, and super convenient kickstand. It also comes in black, blue, pink, and orange. For the price, don't even think about it. If you like the look, grab it. See at Amazon The GSDCB case is designed with air pockets in the inner shell, so that there's a natural cushion when you drop your Moto G6. The kickstand is unobtrusive and folds away flush when you don't need it, making this an excellent rugged case at a price that's very hard to beat. What's your favorite heavy duty case? Which of these cases we've highlighted caught your eye? Got a fave that didn't make our list? Let us know in the comments below! Updated August 2018: Added the GSDCB case with kickstand and updated pricing for everything else. Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play Moto G6 Plus review: Mastering the art of the mid-range phone Moto G6 review: Finding success in compromise Moto G6, G6 Play, and G6 Plus specs Join our Moto G6 forums Amazon

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