The best accessories for your Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

You've got a sweet little tablet that didn't break the bank. That leaves some money left over for accessories! The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a remarkably good tablet for the price. Starting at $149, you get a 10-inch device that does everything Amazon has to offer — that's movies, TV, books, games, the web — and it does it very well. But getting the tablet itself is just the start. You're going to want to snag a few accessories for the Fire HD 10. Best Case for Fire HD 10 Best Case for Kids Best MicroSD Best Screen Protector Best Accessory Bundle Best Case for Fire HD 10 Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Case Amazon's first-party offering is a slim design case with a fabric-lined shell. The front cover is lined with microfiber material and folds up nicely as a hands-free stand in both portrait and landscape orientation. Available in different colors and priced at $39, it's your best option. See at Amazon Amazon's case offering might seem a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for with this premium case that will keep your tablet safe and secure. Best Case for Kids Moko Shockproof Case Made with shock-resistant polycarbonate with a reinforced inner shell, this case is designed to withstand drops of all sorts. The handle makes for easy carry — especially for smaller hands — and also converts into a hands-free stand. It's available in seven different colors and it's an affordable option for parents starting at $24. See at Amazon If you live in a house with kids, you know that everything that can be made kid-proofed should be made kid-proof. This heavy-duty case is designed with kids in mind, so you'll be able to share (or give) your Fire HD 10 to your kids without worrying about them destroying the thing. Best microSD card Samsung Evo Select 128GB MicroSD This is a highly-rated microSD card that offers read/write speeds designed to handle 4K video and comes with a 10-year warranty. Samsung's microSD is a fantastic value, with the 128GB option available for just $35. See at Amazon The Amazon Fire HD tablets don't have all that much storage in them out of the box, with 32GB and 64GB options available. Sure, apps take up space, but your favorite media content takes up much more. If you're planning to download a ton of movies and other videos for offline watching (that's the sort of thing you do if you have kids, right?) then you're definitely going to want some extra storage. Best Screen Protector NuPro Anti-Glare Screen Protector (2-pack) To keep your tablet's screen unscathed, you'll want a screen protector. This two-pack of screen protectors from NuPro are highly rated on Amazon and is anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, and scratch-resistant. An essential accessory for $15. See at Amazon If you're the type of person who is eternally bothered by a scratch on your screen, you're definitely going to want to get some screen protectors. This is a great option that keeps it simple, includes all the installation tools you need, and comes with a spare if the first one ever needs replacing. Best Value Bundle Fire HD 10 Essentials Bundle with Fire HD 10 Tablet (32 GB, Black) If you want to buy a Fire HD 10 as a gift and want it to come with all the best accessories, you'll want to check out this great bundle. It comes with the tablet, the Amazon case, and a screen protector for just $190. See at Amazon This bundle is an incredible offer that will save you $15 if you were to buy the tablet and accessories separately. How are you loving your Amazon Fire 10 tablet? The Fire HD 10 is a great option if you've bought into the Alexa smart home ecosystem. How do you use your Amazon Fire HD 10 around the house? Update August 2018: Added a section for screen protectors and best case option for kids. Amazon Fire tablets Amazon Fire 7 Amazon Fire HD 8 Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Amazon Fire 8 Kids Edition Amazon Fire HD 10 See more at Amazon

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