PUBG Mobile Lite: Same game, just for budget devices

PUBG art PUBG Mobile Lite is just like PUBG Mobile, but works better on budget/older devices. To help the game run smoother, you fight fewer players on a smaller map. The app is currently only available to users in the Philippines. The past few weeks have been all about Fortnite, since the game is finally starting to see playability on Android devices starting today. But we shouldn’t forget about the other mega-popular battle royale game: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG. The Android version of PUBG Mobile launched back in February and swiftly climbed up the Play Store charts, as expected. But PUBG Mobile only plays well on Android devices that are advanced enough to handle the game. Granted, the game’s requirements are not that heavy (Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher and 36MB of storage space) but if you’re on a budget or older device, you’re going to run into problems. Editor's PickWe asked, you told us: PUBG forever, Fortnite never – but is Fortnite the winner?Our poll waded into dangerous waters this week, asking you if you preferred PUBG or Fortnite. Now, we asked in full recognition that Android has been left behind by Fortnite. We all know Fortnite is coming … Enter PUBG Mobile Lite, the newest offering from Tencent Games. This version of PUBG is designed specifically to play on lower-tier devices. In a genius move, PUBG Mobile Lite is literally the same game as the regular PUBG Mobile. The only major differences are that you face 40 other players (instead of 100) and the map you play on is smaller so your device has fewer graphics to render. Other than those two changes, PUBG Mobile Lite plays, looks, and sounds the same as the regular PUBG Mobile. Before you rush off to download the game, there is a major caveat: for now, the game is only available to people in the Philippines. That will likely change in the future, but for now, users in any other area of the world will have to stick to the regular PUBG Mobile — unless you want to try to sideload it. In the meantime, the official link to download PUBG Mobile Lite is below. install PUBG Mobile Lite

date: Thu, 09 Aug 2018 20:12:14 +0000