JBL Link Bar with Android TV and Assistant built-in is available for pre-order for $400

JBL Link Bar The JBL Link Bar is a soundbar that has Google Assistant and Android TV built-in. The combination of the two products allows the soundbar to work like a Google Home and a plug-in set-top box running Android TV at the same time. It’s available now for pre-order for $400 and should arrive by Oct. 16. At I/O 2018, JBL and Google introduced a new hybrid device called the Link Bar. In addition to being a premium soundbar, the two companies worked together to pack the Google Assistant and Android TV into this one device. While pricing and availability weren’t announced at the time, a pre-order listing for the JBL Link Bar sets the price at $400. As you can see from our hands-on video below, the Link Bar can act like a standalone Google Assistant speaker and a set-top box running Android TV. But just like the Assistant integration in the Nvidia Shield, users can direct Android TV to open specific apps and play various pieces of content with vocal commands.  As far as ports are concerned, the JBL Link Bar includes an ethernet jack and four HDMI slots. Once everything is set up, users can ask the soundbar to switch inputs all without lifting a remote. This feature can be handy if there’s a video game console or Blu-ray player connected to the system.  Additionally, as the JBL Link Bar can be used as a standalone Assistant speaker, users can connect to it and play music from their various devices over Bluetooth. Editor's PickAndroid TV and Google Assistant both built into the JBL Link Bar Just ahead of Google I/O 2018, Google and JBL announced the brand new JBL Link Bar. This combination speaker bar, smart speaker, and Android TV hub will turn pretty much any television into a smart … JBL is also supposed to be selling an optional subwoofer that pairs with the Link Bar. Unfortunately, we don’t have any new information on how much the accessory will cost or when it will become available. You can click on the link below to pre-order the JBL Link Bar from B&H. The listing shows an expected delivery date of October 16, but as JBL has yet to confirm availability, this might change.  JBL Link Bar

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/jbl-link-bar-price-availability-buy-896808/
date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 20:58:28 +0000