Interested in getting free AUKEY products? Join #TeamTECHKEY

AUKEY is a company that produces fantastic consumer electronics and mobile tech accessories. There’s a high chance that you’ve either encountered the company’s products or even purchased something as AUKEY is a top-ranked global seller on Amazon. Some of the items that AUKEY makes include USB-C cables, battery banks featuring Power Delivery and Quick Charge tech, dash cams, computer adaptors, Bluetooth headphones, and much more. But now, AUKEY has a new program called #TeamTECHKEY in which the company will give free products to influencers and fans of AUKEY just like you who have built up a community of followers. As the below graphic details, the #TeamTECHKEY program is pretty straightforward. AUKEY will ship various products to members of the program based on their preferences. All that the company requests in return is honest feedback so that they can continue improving the product and that the reviewer shares their unbiased opinion with their followers. So while AUKEY is benefitting from your response, you benefit by getting free products to review and create content for your followers. And as mentioned previously, being a part of #TeamTECHKEY doesn’t require you to give the device a positive review. All the company asks if that you share your honest feelings of the device with your readers or viewers within a week of receiving it. After reading all about #TeamTECHKEY, you’re probably ready to join the company’s excellent program. All you have to do to apply is head on over to AUKEY’s website and fill out an application. Some necessary qualifications are required to be met to join #TeamTECHKEY. These qualifications differ depending on which platform you produce content for. Below is a quick breakdown of each medium’s requirements: Social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook: A minimum of 2,000 followers and active engagement YouTube Channel: A minimum of 1,000 subscribers and high-quality content Website / Forum / Blog: A minimum of 1,000 daily visits and high-quality content If you don’t quite reach the follower/viewership requirements just yet, don’t worry. These numbers are only for reference and AUKEY can be a bit flexible when it comes to who they let into the #TeamTECHKEY program. As long as you’re a tech enthusiast who shows a deep interest in AUKEY products, feel free to apply. Once you have been accepted, all you have to do is select which product you would like to review first and then wait for it to arrive on your doorstep. We highly recommend that you apply to be a part of #TeamTECHKEY and partake in this fantastic program. Take advantage of the opportunity to share AUKEY’s incredible consumer electronics and mobile tech accessories with the rest of the world. Make sure to follow AUKEY on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates and deals! This content brought to you by our friends at AUKEY. For more information about sponsored content and transparency, please see our Advertising Policy.

date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 19:15:38 +0000