Here's your last chance to pre-order Madden NFL '19 on PlayStation and save 20%

Are you ready for some football? The last few months have felt cold and empty. A darkness has descended upon my life. I have wallowed in despair and self-pity. And all because football was in its offseason. Well, the Hall of Fame game is over and the pre-season has officially started. With that comes a new edition of Madden, too! Madden NFL '19 releases August 10, this Friday. You can use your Amazon Prime discount to get the game brand new for $47.99 on PlayStation or Xbox as long as you order before the release date. The discount is deducted automatically for Prime members during checkout. All I care about when it comes to football is that Andrew Luck is healthy so my Indianapolis Colts can stop being bottom feeders, and he's going to be playing in his first game in about two years this Thursday. Of course, that's not quite good enough so I'll also be spending my weekend winning the Super Bowl with him in Madden. You should grab your copy so you can play with your favorite players, too. If you aren't an Amazon Prime member, you won't be able to get this discount, which works on just about every major video game release. Sign up for a free trial and you can at least take advantage of this discount. See on Amazon

date: Tue, 07 Aug 2018 02:00:02 +0000