Google close to committing to its first retail store, to open in Chicago

A street corner in Chicago that will be the likely location of a future Google flagship retail store. Chicago Tribune According to The Chicago Tribune, Google is “close” to signing a lease for its first retail store. The shop would have two floors and operate as a flagship shop for the company. The location in Chicago is not far from Google’s Chicago HQ. According to The Chicago Tribune, Google has plans to open a permanent retail store in Chicago, not far from its Chicago headquarters. The image above shows the location that Google might lease to build the rumored shop. Although Google has opened numerous pop-up shops and mini-shops built inside other establishments, the company has never opened a dedicated retail store of its own. As such, if this Chicago rumor is true, the retail space would be a flagship property for Google. The anonymous sources told The Chicago Tribune that Google is “close” to signing the lease for the 14,000 square foot space. The property has two floors and would have about twice as much space as the average Apple store. Editor's PickLenovo Smart Display review: Much more than a Google Home When it comes to smart assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the most competitive options out there. Both platforms can do just about the same thing, but Amazon has had a leg up by … Apple has over 450 stores all over the globe, so Google is way behind as far as establishing a competitive foothold with Apple in this regard. We can only assume that the future Google retail store will sell Google-branded products like Pixel smartphones, Chromebooks, and headphones, as well as Google Home products. It’s also likely that Nest products would be on the shelves at the establishment since it is a Google property. However, even if you put everything available via the online Google Store on shelves, it would never fill a 14,000 square foot space. As such, Google must either only be using part of the space or planning on including products and/or services that aren’t Google-owned. This would follow along with Apple Stores, which primarily focus on Apple-made products but also feature third-party items that are designed to work with Apple gear. As far as we know, the lease hasn’t even been signed, which means we are still possibly years away from any Google store opening at this location. But still, it’s something to be excited about! What do you think? Would you shop at a physical Google store? Let us know in the comments! NEXT: The new Google One online cloud storage plans are now available for all

date: Thu, 16 Aug 2018 20:17:46 +0000