Fortnite is now live for non-Samsung devices, but you’ll still need to wait

Fortnite Mobile Android. Samsung’s Fortnite exclusive period has passed which means the game can be installed on supported devices. Unfortunately, the beta is still limited, so players will have to join a waiting list. Despite the numerous rumors that Fortnite would be a Samsung exclusive for up to four months, Epic Games confirmed that other devices would be able to play the hit game several days after it launched on August 9. Well, that exclusive period is up and Fortnite is now available for more devices. Unfortunately, players will now have to sign up for a wait list before joining in on the fun. As Fortnite is still in beta on Android, Epic Games isn’t prepared for the large number of Android players that would jump into the game if it was available for everyone. The wait list is a way for the company to control how many people are playing the game while they finish removing bugs. As Epic Games decided to skip the Play Store, users will need to first download the Fortnite launcher from the company’s website. Once they’re finished sideloading the launcher app, they should now be able to download the 1.88GB game without a problem. When that’s complete, players will need to either sign into an Epic Games account or create a new one. Editor's PickFortnite on Android first look – you might want to wait off… At this point, whether you’re a gamer or not, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least heard about Fortnite. This free-to-play game has taken the world by storm and has ended up earning the … Unfortunately, most users won’t get past the sign-in process as only invited players will be able to launch the game. Users can add their name to Fortnite’s wait list and will receive an email when a slot opens up for them. In the meantime, players can prepare themselves for the game by reading our Fortnite tips and tricks article and practice their building skills by playing on PC, console, or an iOS device.

date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 05:44:38 +0000