Exclusive: Huawei will introduce new P20 Pro gradient colors at IFA 2018

P20 Pro colors Huawei is introducing two new P20 Pro gradient colors at IFA at the end of the month. The first uses a spread of colors from black at one end to a hint of turquoise at the other. The other, which is much more subtle and based on the sea, uses white with hints of pink and yellow. 2018 has seen a year of incredible smartphones and one of the best is undoubtedly the P20 Pro. Huawei’s flagship brought us several firsts including a triple camera and a twilight color that showed how gradients can make smartphones cool and interesting again. The gradient color palette has proved so popular that it’s already been imitated. Huawei’s experiments with color haven’t stopped there as we can exclusively reveal that the company will launch two new gradient-adorning colors during Richard Yu’s keynote at IFA in two weeks. We’ve seen images of the new colors and verified their existence, but we can’t reveal any photos or their names to protect our source. The first color is inspired by the night sky and the aurora borealis. It uses a wider color gamut than the twilight P20 Pro gradient but shares some of the same colors. Starting at black on the left, it uses a gradient to transition towards turquoise at the right of the phone, and includes the purple and blue hues found on the twilight P20 Pro. Editor's PickWhat is 5G, and what can we expect from it?You've likely heard the term a lot recently, but what is 5G? Good question. Simply put, 5G networking is the next major evolution of mobile wireless technology. It will empower customers with even faster data connections, … The second color is inspired by the sea, and that which lies beneath it, including sea shells and pearls. Rather than a striking contrast like the other gradient colors, it is predominantly white with subtle hints of yellow and pink. It’s very similar to the Rose Gold regular P20, which features a gradient from white to pink, albeit this version is subtler and more understated. Although we can’t show the colors themselves or reveal the color names, we can tell you that the first of the two colors above looks outstanding based on the images we’ve seen. Are you excited by new colors for the P20 Pro? Let us know your views in the comments below! NEXT: Huawei P20 Pro review

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/new-huawei-p20-pro-colors-896375/
date: Sat, 18 Aug 2018 07:46:05 +0000