Cover your home in smart devices with three Echo Dots for just $25 apiece

The ultimate smart home. If you add three Echo Dot smart devices to your cart and use the code DOT3PACK during checkout, the price will drop from $119.97 down to $74.97. That's $45 off the price and brings the Echo Dots down to about $25 apiece. The Echo Dot is $40 on its own, and that's only because there's a sale dropping it from $50. It's even bigger savings if you consider that $120 price is usually $150. With three Echo Dots, you can group them altogether and add each one to a different part of your house. That way you'll always have Alexa within earshot when you need to ask her about the weather or turn on a light or play some music. This sale is part of a larger sale on Amazon hardware and includes several other devices as much as $100 off. Add to your smart home with those as well. See on Amazon

date: Sun, 19 Aug 2018 14:46:10 +0000