Best Portable Battery Packs Under $20 in 2018

A great battery pack doesn't have to cost a fortune. While smartphones last longer and longer, it's never a bad idea to have a backup in case you're away from a wall charger for long periods of time. You can go all out and get a wildly expensive battery pack, but you don't need to spend that extra money if you don't need to. Here are the best portable battery packs under $20 in 2018! Anker PowerCore 5000 Lumina Ultra Compact Portable Charger Aibocn 16,000 mAh Power Bank Aibocn 20,000 mAh Power Bank FLOUREON Solar Charger Anker PowerCore 5000 Anker has long been a staple name in the smartphone accessory world, and they have the perfect battery pack for those on a budget. The PowerCore 5000 — as the name implies — comes with a 5,000 mAh cell, which should be enough for at least on full recharge of your smartphone. The battery itself is recharged with a Micro-USB cable, and your phone and other accessories charge from the USB-A port. There's battery indicator along the side, and the whole battery is compact enough to easily fit in your pocket or handbag. This battery doesn't support any form of Qualcomm Quick Charge, but the 10W output should still charge your phone reasonably fast. Other colors are a bit more expensive, but the black version of Anker's PowerCore 5000 comes in right at $20. See at Amazon Lumina Ultra Compact Portable Charger Another great compact option comes from Lumina. Its Ultra Compact Portable Charger offers 5,200 mAh of juice, good for at least one recharge of your phone. The battery charges with Micro-USB, and your gadgets all charge with the USB-A port. The battery is vibration proof, perfect for those that work in rough environments. You get a battery indicator light on top, and the battery is small enough to fit just about anywhere. Again, there isn't official Quick Charge support, but the ten watts of output should charge your phone in a decent amount of time. The Lumina Ultra Compact Portable Charger is available in black for $17. See at Amazon Aibocn 16,000 mAh Power Bank If you need even more capacity, Aibocn has you covered. Its 16,000 mAh pack will let you get at least three full charges to your smartphone, with a little bit left over for your headphones or other accessories. Speaking of other accessories, there are two USB-A ports on this battery, so you can charge multiple gadgets at once. The battery itself charges with Micro-USB, and there's a battery indicator light up top so you can estimate how much juice you have left. Because of the large capacity, this isn't as svelte as other picks, but it's still light enough to comfortably fit in a backpack or messenger bag. Aibocn's 16,000 mAh Power Bank is available in black for $14. See at Amazon Aibocn 20,000 mAh Power Bank If you still need more capacity, Aibocn still has you covered. Its 20,000 mAh in only slightly bigger and slightly more expensive than the 16,000 mAh model, and it'll be good to recharge your phone about five times. There are two USB-A ports again, so you can recharge your phone and another accessory at the same time. The battery itself charges over Micro-USB, and it'll need about eight hours for a full recharge from the wall. You get a little flashlight on the battery pack, perfect if you lose your phone at night. There's a battery indicator light up top — this time using different colors to signify how much capacity is remaining. This battery is the largest on our list — both in capacity and physical size — so it may not fit well in your pockets. Aibocn's 20,000 mAh Power Bank is available in black or white for $20. See at Amazon FLOUREON Solar Charger If you're going off the grid for a while, you'll still want a way to charge your phone in case of emergencies. Solar charging won't be as fast as charging from a wall, but a slow charge is better than no charge. FLOUREON's Solar Charger offers a 10,000mAh capacity, so your phone can get at least two full charges from this. If you are near civilization, you can recharge the battery pack with a Micro-USB cable, and you get two USB-A outputs for your gadgets. The battery features an LED light, with strobe and SOS morse code patterns if you run into trouble. There's also a metal clip with a compass included, though if I were hiking I'd still bring my own compass as a backup. FLOUREON's Solar Charger is in black with blue, orange or green for $18. See at Amazon What say you? Which inexpensive battery pack catches your eye? Let us know down below!

date: Tue, 07 Aug 2018 15:30:03 +0000