YouTube’s dark mode is finally making its way to Android

YouTube logo stock YouTube’s dark mode has been live on the web and on iOS for months now. After a long wait, Google is finally testing dark mode on Android. When the feature has fully rolled out, the option can be turned on and off by the user. After YouTube on the web received a dark mode late last year, Google announced that the option to change the theme would be coming to iOS and Android back in March. But oddly enough, the feature was only ready for Apple’s devices and would be “coming soon” to Android. At long last, it appears that YouTube’s dark mode is finally rolling out for Android. Last night, users on Reddit started reporting that the dark theme was being automatically applied to their mobile apps. Those who saw the change were also served with a pop-up informing them about the switch and the option to revert to the light theme. YouTube Dark Mode Android Reddit Based on the number of users who received the option today, it appears as though this is an official rollout of the feature. As such, most Android users should see the change on their devices in the coming days or weeks. Editor's PickHere are all 5 YouTube apps and what they do! YouTube is the world's most popular streaming service. You already know what you can find there. The service is so big that there are multiple apps for browsing all of the content. They're all let … Again, when dark mode for Android does go live on a device, users should see the option automatically enabled with a dialog box offering to disable the feature. Whether they choose to turn it off then or leave it enabled, the dark theme can be toggled on or off by going into the app’s settings menu. To find the option, tap on the avatar in the top right corner, select Settings, choose General and locate the Dark Theme item near the top of the menu. With the arrival of this theme on Android, YouTube should again be on par with the service on other platforms. Google has not officially stated why it has taken the company so long to bring this feature to Android. If you have an interesting theory, we’d love to hear it in the comments below.

date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018 07:31:27 +0000