Totallee Samsung Galaxy S9 Case review: It's like nothing's there

An excellent option for case-haters. I've been rocking the Galaxy S9 for the past couple weeks, and while it's an absolutely stunning piece of hardware, having to wipe smudges off its glass back every few minutes is less than fun. Skins from companies like Dbrand are good solutions for hiding glass backs without adding any bulk to your phone, but they do so while offering absolutely no protection at all. While looking for a way to make my Galaxy S9 a bit more useable while also keeping it thin and light, I came across Totallee's ultra-slim cases. I loved the Totallee case I reviewed for the Pixel 2, but how's the company's S9 variant hold up? Let's find out. Totallee Samsung Galaxy S9 case Price: $14.99 Bottom line: The Galaxy S9 is a slippery slab of glass. Totallee's case adds grip and makes fingerprints a thing of the past. The Good Fits perfectly and has precise cutouts Seriously doesn't look or feel like a regular case Multiple colors + textures available Easy to take on and off The Bad Picks up scratches easily See at Amazon This is my favorite alternative to traditional cases Totallee Galaxy S9 Case What I like If you caught my Totallee Pixel 2 case review, a lot of what I said there echoes over to this one for the Galaxy S9. Totallee's cases have the form factor of a traditional case, but once it's on your phone, looks a lot more like a skin. It's still shocking just how thin these things are, and while that does result in less protection, that's something that's given up on purpose. This is a case that's designed to be as thin as possible, and in those regards, it absolutely excels. Measuring in at just 0.02-inches thick, this really is like a glove for the Galaxy S9. It's easy to take on and off and doesn't add any amount of bulk to the phone. You get to use the Galaxy S9 as it was intended while not having to worry about nonstop smudges or accidentally scratching its glass back. For that point alone, this case is well worth the money. I didn't find myself having any issues pressing the GS9's buttons with the case applied, the cutouts for the fingerprint sensor, 3.5mm headphone hack, and USB-C port work without any issues, and I love that you've got your choice between a matte or glossy back with the different colors that are available. Wear and tear Totallee Galaxy S9 Case What I don't like While Totallee's case does do an excellent job at keeping scratches away from the Galaxy S9, the same can't be said for the actual case itself. After using the matte Pitch Black case regularly for a few days, I noticed multiple scratches all over it. They're nothing serious and only really visible in certain lighting, but even so, it doesn't bode all that well for the case's longevity. I suppose you could try and counter this with the Jet White or Frosted White colors, but that'll be up to you. Totallee Galaxy S9 Case The Galaxy S9 is one of the most stunning phones on the market right now, and with the Totallee case, you get to use it the way Samsung intended while also not having to deal with the pains that come with an all-glass back. This isn't a case you should buy if you're particularly rough on your phones or want something that can withstand numerous drops. Instead, this is a case to buy if you want to protect your Galaxy S9 from daily wear and tear without compromising its design. 4.5 out of 5 At $14.99 a pop, Totallee — once again — has a winner on its hands. See at Amazon

date: Fri, 27 Jul 2018 19:00:01 +0000