This might be the 3rd-gen Amazon Echo Dot

The new speaker will have improved sound quality and a rounded design. Amazon's Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart speakers around, and thanks to a couple images that recently popped up, we might have our first look at the third-gen version of it. FrAndroid and Numerama recently got together to share the above two photos. Assuming these are accurate, this is what the next version of the Echo Dot will look like. As we can see, Amazon will be adopting a much more rounded design compared to the past Echo Dots. The top has four buttons for volume up/down, muting the mic, and prompting Alexa, and a fabric frame around the speaker draws inspiration from the 2017 Echo. It's reported that the new Echo Dot is currently being tested by Amazon employees and has "superior sound quality" compared to the current Dot. As we saw in our comparison of the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, this is the area Amazon needs to improve on the most. There's still no word on pricing or availability, but it's likely we'll see an announcement within the next couple months or so. Google Home Mini review, 6 months later: The smart speaker that should be in everybody's home Amazon Echo Tap, Echo or Dot: The ultimate Alexa question All about Alexa Skills Amazon Echo review Echo Dot review Echo Spot review Top Echo Tips & Tricks Amazon Echo vs. Google Home Get the latest Alexa news See at Amazon

date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 19:27:59 +0000