T-Mobile dominates OpenSignal awards (again), but every carrier is getting faster

A new batch of OpenSignal network metrics for the United States just launched. As usual, T-Mobile is the big winner earning nearly every award available. However, OpenSignal data points to every major U.S. carrier seeing overall speed increases. Today, OpenSignal posted its United States mobile service testing results for March – June 2018. As usual, T-Mobile is the big winner taking all but one of the awards. However, each of the “Big Four” carriers in the U.S. are getting faster, with the average network speed jumping by as much as 48 percent as compared to this time last year. Unlike its primary competitor, RootMetrics, OpenSignal’s testing is crowdsourced by volunteers who install a special app on their Android devices. The results for this round stem from 385,679 devices which made over eight billion measurements. Overall, OpenSignal’s results show two dominant players when it comes to network speed and dependability: T-Mobile and Verizon. AT&T is doing well overall, especially in network latency (which is the only award it received this round), but Sprint is in fourth place in nearly all metrics. Editor's PickFamily plans – which carrier is the best for your family?Once upon a time, single line plans were the most common out there, as most families only owned one cellphone. It's 2018, and things have certainly changed, with even some of the youngest members of … According to OpenSignal’s data, T-Mobile and Verizon are neck-and-neck when it comes to 4G availability. In fact, the OpenSignal award for this category was declared a draw between the two carriers, which ends up being Verizon’s only award this round. For the second time in a row, AT&T won the award for latency – the response time on an LTE network. The average latency response on AT&T went down to an industry best of 54.1 milliseconds, which is 4ms faster than six months ago. Every other award OpenSignal handed out went to T-Mobile, including 4G download speed, 3G download speed, overall download speed, upload speed, and 3G latency. This causes OpenSignal to conclude that T-Mobile is again the fastest network in America. But if OpenSignal gave out an award for “Most Improved Network,” it would likely go to Sprint. The fourth-largest carrier in America made some serious strides in its LTE speed ranking, jumping up 48 percent as compared to this time last year. However, that still puts it well behind third-place runner AT&T. You can see the full results of OpenSignal’s testing here. NEXT: Escaping the USA to Europe? T-Mobile has a sweet new service for you

source: https://www.androidauthority.com/opensignal-metrics-july-2018-887467/
date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 17:43:15 +0000