Pre-order the 'Amazing Red' PlayStation 4 Pro in time for the new Marvel's Spider-Man

That color really is amazing. Sony just announced in conjunction with the release of the upcoming video game Marvel's Spider-Man, fans can also pre-order a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Spider-Man-themed gaming console. If you're already sold and don't need to read more, which I kinda am, then you can go ahead and pre-order it for $399.99 directly from Best Buy, GameStop, and soon Amazon. Back in April they released a limited edition God of War bundle, and it was awesome. Sony really knows how to appeal to gamers, though, because I think they've upped the ante a bit with the Spider-Man look. The paint job is a beautifully vibrant red that matches the new Spider-Man suit. Sony calls it "Amazing Red" and it shows. The top of the PlayStation has Spider-Man's spider logo emblazoned on it. The controller uses a mixture of that same red color along with white buttons to pair nicely with the console. The console doesn't release until the game does, Sept. 7. This console is going to be really hard to find if you wait too long, though. Just look at the God of War bundle I mentioned above, which was just released a couple months ago and is already discontinued and selling for around $700. Not only will this bundle come with the game, you'll also get some extra in-game content including the Spidey Suit Pack, five Skill Points to spend, a Spider-Drone Gadget, a custom theme for your PlayStation 4, and a Spider-Man PSN Avatar. Get that early edge fighting criminals throughout New York City. The best things to come out of the early 2000s Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies were the video games. Spider-Man 2, despite weird balloon-catching side missions, was the first time I got to truly swing around New York City as the web-crawler, and I loved it. This game seems to promise that same sort of accessibility to the city. This is also the first Spider-Man game (and first licensed game) from Insomniac, who have the sort of gaming repetroire that should make you drool with excellent examples like Resistance, Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank, and more. This is going to be Sony's next big game, so I hope you're getting excited for it. The ongoing San Diego Comic-Con revealed some of the story with a new trailer, if you are interested in seeing more about the game. Otherwise, you can pre-order your new bundle from Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon (eventually).

date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:10:24 +0000