Lenovo Smart Display review: Single-handedly selling MrMobile on Google Home

I didn't get the name "MrMobile" by covering a lot of home tech, folks – but when Lenovo revealed back at CES that it was working with Google to graft a display onto a Google Home, I decided that was something worth crossing categories for. Now, after a week of using the Lenovo Smart Display both at work and home, I'm here to tell you that my hunch was correct: this thing has almost single-handedly reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the category (Sorry, Jibo.) Not that the Lenovo Smart Display is flawless; as an early product just hitting store shelves today, there are a few holes in its functionality. Most notably, you can't cast to it from your phone yet; there's no Netflix integration; and the lack of an onboard battery means that moving it from room to room requires a reboot unless you connect it to the mother of all extension cords. But two of those problems are fixable with future updates – and it's already proven more useful to me in one week than any of my lesser Google Homes (Googles Home?) have in the past year. Come see why! Join me for the MrMobile Lenovo Smart Display review, and then hit up the rest of the in-depth coverage right here on AC. Stay social, my friends YouTube The Web Twitter Facebook Snapchat Instagram

source: https://www.androidcentral.com/lenovo-smart-display-single-handedly-sold-mrmobile-google-home
date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 21:42:50 +0000