Caseology Parallax Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ review: Mesmerizing mid-range protection

Caseology's hybrid case brings depth, drama, and drops of sweat to your Galaxy S9+. Lightweight cases like the Ringke Air Prism and Spigen Liquid Crystal are great for showing off the Samsung Galaxy S9's gorgeous glass back, but lightweight cases also mean light protection, and sometimes we just need more durability than that. Caseology's Parallax Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ offers dual-layer protection without sacrificing style, covering its dark TPU back with a shallow triangular texture that gives the illusion of depth and sophistication. Caseology Parallax Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ Price: $14.99 Bottom line: This dual-layer case offers decent protection and prestige without getting too bulky or too boring. The Good Rich colors and mesmerizing texture pattern Wide port cutouts and wide slope to fingerprint sensor The Bad Sweat pools on the textured back Slick hard-plastic frame feels slippery at times See at Amazon Caseology Parallax Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What I like Caseology makes awesome cases, and their precision and experience shows. The seams of the Parallax's two layers are perfectly flush. The port cutouts are wide and well-sculpted, and the slope leading up to the fingerprint sensor is wide, shallow, and the hard plastic makes it feel smoother than the TPU slopes on most other cases. The hard plastic around the cameras and heart rate sensor offers a higher level of protection around the vital sensors as well as adding an extra pop of color to draw the eye toward the camera when you're lining up subjects to take a shot. The Parallax's texture is shallow and grippy enough that it's quite easy to use it with a phone grip, which is good news for those of us who need to use one with big phones like the Galaxy S9+. The pattern is simple but iconic, reminding me of many a geometric wallpaper and lending the case's back the same illusion of depth. Caseology Parallax Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What I don't like Unfortunately, this textured back and its surface texture tend to collect sweat and smudges. I used the case for not even 20 minutes before the back of the case felt wet to the touch, and when I flipped over, I saw sweat already collecting into several sizeable droplets across that triangular texturing. That sweat also pools on the hard-plastic edges of the case, making it a little harder to keep a sturdy grip on it. In addition to collecting sweat, the Parallax seems to pick up smudges and fingerprints almost as quickly as the Caseology Skyfall case I reviewed previously. They're not quite as noticeable on a solid case as opposed to the Skyfall's crystal clear back, but they're there. Caseology Parallax Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ The Parallax is great for those looking for a little bit of style and texture while still having the stability and grip to use with a phone grip, magnetic mounts or wireless charging. Its texture is functional, fashionable, and nostalgic in equal measure, and the buttons and ports are all seamless and sturdy. 4 out of 5 The Caseology Parallax Case is a prime patterned hybrid case that comes in a color suited to every variation of the Galaxy S9+, including the Rose Gold. Admittedly, the blue model could be a bit brighter, like the bright pop of color on the Lilac Purple version, but it's still beautiful and adds some dark depth to its look. See at Amazon

date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 17:00:02 +0000