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OnePlus 6 -Best OnePlus 6 cases The recently launched OnePlus 6 is not only one of the best smartphones you can buy, it’s also one of the best looking phones on the market. It’s got a slick design, with a glass back and a 6.28-inch display with very little bezel space. It makes sense to protect this phone from harm, so we decided to find the best OnePlus 6 cases you can currently buy. We will update this post as more OnePlus 6 cases from third-party companies become available.  Buy OnePlus 6 Read: OnePlus 6: What’s great, what’s missing Read: OnePlus 6 specs Read: OnePlus 6 color comparison OnePlus 6 Bumper Case OnePlus 6 - Best OnePlus 6 cases OnePlus always offers a number of great cases for its phones, and the OnePlus 6 is no exception. One example is its OnePlus 6 bumper case, which has a main polycarbonate shell with TPU sides and corners for a solid protective shell. The even nicer thing about this case is that it comes in three very different designs. One, shown above, is the Nylon black material, but you can also get this case in the “Karbon” back design or with an Ebony Wood finish. It’s available now at the OnePlus store for $24.95 for the Nylon finish, and $29.95 for the Karbon and Ebony Wood designs. Get it at OnePlus OnePlus 6 Protective Case OnePlus 6 Protective Case - Best OnePlus 6 cases Another first-party OnePlus 6 cases, this one is a snap-on design. It doesn’t offer full protection, but it’ll certainly make your OnePlus 6 stand out, thanks to its two color options. One is the Karbon pattern found on the Bumper case. The other is Sandstone, which looks and feels cool and different. You can get the Sandstone version for $19.95, and the Karbon is priced at $24.95. Get it at OnePlus OnePlus 6 Flip Cover OnePlus 6 Protective Cover - Best OnePlus 6 cases Our last first-party OnePlus 6 case will make your life a little easier if you need to get to your ID or your credit card quickly. The OnePlus 6 flip cover is made of PU leather and covers the entire phone, but you can flip its magnetic latching cover open to use the phone, which is protected with a polycarbonate frame. The cover’s other side has a slot designed to hold a credit card, ID, business card, or even cash. You can get this OnePlus 6 case directly from the company now for $19.95. Get it at OnePlus OtterBox Commuter Series OnePlus 6 case Otterbox - Best OnePlus 6 cases One of the best known phone case makers, OtterBox wasted no time in launching one of its Commuter Series designs for the OnePlus 6. The dual layer case includes a polycarbonate shell on the outside and a synthetic rubber slipcover that goes inside the hard shell. The case also has covers for all of the OnePlus 6’s ports to keep out dust and lint, but should still be slim enough so that you can put the OnePlus 6 in your pants pocket. This case is on the pricey side. Otterbox is selling it for $39.95 in black and “indigo way blue” colors. Get it at OtterBox TUDIA OnePlus 6 case   TUDIA - Best OnePlus 6 cases This case comes from TUDIA, which has created a rugged design with a polyurethane TPU shell. It should offer a lot of protection while still remaining pretty slim. It also has raised edged on the back for the OnePlus 6’s twin camera and fingerprint sensor, which should prevent them from getting scratched up when the phone’s back is placed on a table or other surface. You can get the TUDIA OnePlus 6 case in black, grey, navy blue, and even in a frosted clear version, for just $7.90 on Amazon. Get it at Amazon Dretal OnePlus 6 case Dretal - Best OnePlus 6 cases The next product in our best OnePlus 6 cases list comes from Dretal, which sells a carbon fiber-based case with anti-stretch TPU rubber. This should provide the phone with a lot of protection against small falls and drops, and its brushed texture gives it a nice look. In addition, this case comes in four colors. Two of them are fairly normal (navy blue and black), but you can also buy this case in a nice looking red color, and even in a mint green version, as shown above. The Dretal OnePlus 6 case is priced at $7.98 on Amazon. Get it at Amazon Ringke OnePlus 6 case Ringke- Best OnePlus 6 cases While some OnePlus 6 case owners may want to cover up their phone, others may want to show off the glass back. If that’s you, check out this case from Ringke. It has a clear design, but still has a polycarbonate outer shell and inner TPU material so the phone can survive falls and drops to the floor. It also contains enhanced anti-scratch and dual coating features so the case will continue to show off the phone. You can get the Ringke clear OnePlus 6 case for $9.99 on Amazon, or you can get the smoke black version, which still lets you see much of the phone’s back, for $10.99. Get it at Amazon TopACE OnePlus 6 case TopACE - Best OnePlus 6 cases These OnePlus 6 cases are mainly for looks, rather total protection. This slim snap-on case from TopACE comes in four colors: black, blue, red, and gold. All of them pop thanks to the use of dustless matte UV painting technology, which gives them a very fashionable look. The case itself should also not break off too easily. You can snap up these TopACE OnePlus 6 cases now in any color selection for $8.99 each on Amazon. Get it at Amazon Wellci OnePlus 6 case Wellci - Best OnePlus 6 cases This OnePlus 6 case is designed to give lots of protection. Made by Wellci, the case includes a hard acrylic cover, but still has a lot of clear material so you can still see the back of the phone. It offers raised portions on the front to keep the screen safe from hard when placed on a table, and raised edges on the back to do the same for the rear cameras and fingerprint sensor. Yet this case can still handle falls and drops to keep the OnePlus 6 proected. The Wellci case comes in black, grey, and red, on sale now for $8.99 at Amazon. Get it at Amazon Spigen Rugged Armor OnePlus 6 case Best OnePlus 6 cases - Spigen   The last selection in our best OnePlus 6 case list is from Spigen, one of the most well known phone case maker. It took a little longer for the company to release a product for the OnePlus 6 but its Rugged Armor case for the phone is well worth it. It includes a TPU material with an interior spider-web pattern, along with a raised lip on the front to protect the display on the OnePlus 6. Its Air Cushion design is made to protect the phone from small falls or spills, yet it is still slim enough so that it won’t make the phone too bulky. You can get the Spigen Rugged Armor OnePlus 6 case now on Amazon for $12.99. Get it at Amazon Best OnePlus 6 cases – Conclusion We will be updating this post as more OnePlus 6 cases are released in the next several months. In the meantime, did you like our selection? Which OnePlus 6 cases should we add to this list? Affiliate disclosure: We may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of products via links on this page. The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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