Best Moto G6 Deals in 2018

Here's where you can save even more on the already cheap Moto G6. In 2018, one of the best values in smartphones is the Moto G6. Motorola's Moto G line has been the gold-standard when it comes to affordable phones since 2013, and with the G6, that point is proven yet again. Motorola's retail pricing of $249 for the Moto G6 is already darn impressive, but if you know where to look, you can often get the phone for even less cash. We've handpicked the absolute best Moto G6 deals for you, and without further ado, this is what we found. Verizon First up on this list, Verizon's got a pretty killer deal if you don't mind paying month-to-month for your phones. If you open a new line of service at Verizon, you can pick up the Moto G6 for just $5/month. Over the course of 24 months, that comes out to just $120 out of your pocket (50% off the MSRP). The new line requirement is a bummer, but if you were already planning on adding a new line or thinking about making the switch to Big Red, this is absolutely worth taking advantage of. See at Verizon Amazon Amazon Prime comes with a seemingly endless list of benefits, one of which is access to its Prime Exclusive Android phones. The Moto G6 was added to the Prime Exclusive lineup in late May, and so long as you're a Prime subscriber, you can buy the phone unlocked for just $235. A $15 discount isn't quite as impressive as what Verizon's offering, but even so, a deal's a deal. If you do pick this up, just be aware that Amazon's flavor of the G6 comes with built-in Alexa and a few Amazon apps (such as Kindle, Amazon Music, Prime Video, etc.). See at Amazon Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play Moto G6 Plus review: Mastering the art of the mid-range phone Moto G6 review: Finding success in compromise Moto G6, G6 Play, and G6 Plus specs Join our Moto G6 forums Amazon

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