Best Ethernet Adapters for Chromecast or Fire TV Stick

Hardwired internet for your favorite streaming stick. Streaming sticks have gotten extremely popular in the last few years. For well below $100, you can add streaming support to any TV, smart or otherwise, and start watching your favorite shows, movies, and videos on sites like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Two of the most popular streaming stick options are the Google Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, both of which are priced around $40 or so — that's before the gracious discounts both products regularly see. Streaming isn't always perfect though, and if you're suffering from a poor connection or just having trouble connecting to WiFi at all, an Ethernet adapter could save you a lot of trouble. UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast Amazon Ethernet Adapter UGREEN Ethernet Adapter A good rule of thumb: when shopping for an adapter or any other kind of accessory, it shouldn't cost more than the device it's augmenting. The UGREEN adapter plugs directly into the Micro-USB port on your Chromecast or Fire TV Stick — where it typically draws power from — and adds an Ethernet port, along with a built-in USB cable for passthrough charging. Just run an Ethernet cable from your router to the adapter and you should be good to go on your streaming stick. The UGREEN adapter supports 10/100 Ethernet, with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. That's more than fast enough to stream 4K content, assuming you have a 4K-compatible streaming stick like the Chromecast Ultra, and complete overkill for 1080p streaming. Best of all, the UGREEN adapter is only $16.99. See at Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast What better way to improve your Chromecast than with a first-party adapter? Google makes its own Ethernet adapter that works a bit differently than the one from UGREEN. Rather than adding a dongle that sits in-between the power supply and streaming stick, Google's adapter simply replaces the power supply itself, adding an Ethernet port next to the Micro-USB cable. The cable is longer, too — two meters on Google's adapter versus one meter on the UGREEN. As an added bonus, this adapter actually comes in the box if you picked up a Chromecast Ultra — and for all other models, it's only $15. While this product is clearly specifically made for Chromecasts, it should work just fine for the Fire TV Stick as well. See at the Google Store Amazon Ethernet Adapter Of course, we can't mention Google's Ethernet adapter and leave out Amazon's offering. For the same $15 Google is charging, you get an Ethernet-enabled dongle made with your Fire TV Stick in mind. Of course, it works with Amazon's other streaming devices too, including the Fire TV and the new Fire TV Cube — just not the first-gen Fire TV Stick, which doesn't support USB accessories. Like the UGREEN, Amazon's adapter sits between the Fire TV Stick itself and the power supply, albeit with a shorter cable. Just plug an Ethernet cable into the provided port and you're ready to connect, no drivers or additional setup required. Like the other adapters in this list, Amazon's Ethernet adapter supports 10/100 Ethernet, as well as passthrough charging. See at Amazon Which one is right for you? Have you been having trouble with WiFi on your streaming stick? Would you consider using one of these Ethernet adapters? Let us know in the comments below!

date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 15:00:02 +0000