Best Cases for Essential Phone

Keep your Essential Phone safe and functional with a quality case! The Essential Phone was the first phone released by Andy Rubin's new company in 2017 and while it didn't blow away the competition it did offer us phone nerds a sleek new alternative. With the price of the phone under $500 on Amazon and many people grabbing it on Prime Day for just $250 there's a ton of new Essential Phone owners out there. If you are among them, you should absolutely get a case. Do note that the 360-camera accessory won't be compatible with most cases, although we've added a couple cases that are designed to accommodate the accessory. It's worth keeping in mind if you find that add-on (currently available for just $70) to be a compelling feature. Incipio DualPro Incipio NGP Pure clear case TUDIA Ceramic Feel case TUDIA Carbon Fiber case Feitenn Flip Wallet case Poetic Guardian Full-Body case TUDIA Snap On Case DUEDUE Heavy Duty Hybrid Case Incipio DualPro Incipio offers a couple of case options for the Essential Phone, and what better place to start than with the refined DualPro case. Offering two layers of rugged protection, this case will keep your Essential phone well protected from scuffs or drop damage. The hardened outer shell features a soft touch finish that'll feel real nice in your hand and overall the design here is pretty minimalist. Available for $33, this is a great option for the Essential Phone. See at Amazon Incipio NGP Pure clear case If you bought your Essential Phone because of its fresh design choices, you might be wary to cover that ceramic up with an opaque plastic case. Incipio has you covered with this one-piece clear case that offers a clear view of your Essential Phone while keeping it protected. Made of a flexible polymer material, this is an easy case to install with full coverage around the edges of your phone, including a lip around the screen and protection for the camera around back. Get yours for as low as $13 on Amazon! See at Amazon TUDIA Ceramic Feel case The Essential Phone was designed with a ceramic backing — not something you see on many major phone releases. If you love the feel of that Ceramic backing but also want to keep it safe, TUDIA offers this case that mimics the same hand feel of the Essential Phone's ceramic while keeping the device itself safe. To accomplish this, TUDIA designed the case with tempered glass on the back of the case for extra protection — the same rugged stuff used in the best screen protectors. By doing this, they've managed to maintain the look and feel of the Essential Phone which is pretty great. It's a thin and minimalist case that's available in five different styles (including the super stylish white marble pictured) for just $20. See at Amazon TUDIA Carbon Fiber case One of our favorite cases is the Spigen Rugged armor case, but Spigen didn't design cases for the Essential Phone. Fortunately, TUDIA stepped up and offers a very similar one with some extra accents that should help with grip along the sides. This one-piece case is made of TPU and features carbon fiber accents along the top and bottom, along with textured sections along the sides. The design of this case is not compatible with the 360-degree camera attachment, but it does offer great protection for your phone while keeping the camera, fingerprint sensor, and buttons fully accessible. Available in black, grey, or navy blue, get this case for just $10 on Amazon. See at Amazon Feitenn Flip Wallet case Looking to add some extra functionality to your phone carry? A wallet case lets you store your ID, credit card, and some cash right along with your phone so everything you need for a night out is in one place. This case combines synthetic leather or fabric with a soft and clear TPU shell on the inside to provide top-notch protection for your phone. There's a magnetic closure to keep the front flap closed when not in use, and it can also be folded over to be used as a kickstand for watching videos. Get yours for just $12 in your choice of six color styles. See at Amazon Poetic Guardian Full-body case Looking for something that combines flashy design with rugged protection? Check out these Poetic Guardian cases. This is a full-body case that includes a front plate with a built-in screen protector. Combining soft and shock absorbing TPU with rigid PC bumpers offers great protection for your phone. The back panel is also clear so you can still show off the design of your phone, and it's available in four fun color styles. Order yours today for just $17. See at Amazon TUDIA Snap On Case If you want to get the most out of the Essential Phone and that camera accessory, then you might be interested in this case from TUDIA. It's a thin case made of polycarbonate material that offers basic protection against drops and scratches — except it also leaves the top corner of the back exposed so you can attach the 360-degree camera without removing the case. Does this compromise the effectiveness of the case by leaving an eighth of the back of your phone exposed? Yes. Is it affordable? Priced at just $11, you bet it is! See at Amazon DUEDUE Heavy Duty Hybrid Case This case option is the best solution we've found for keeping your Essential Phone protected while also accommodating the 360-degree camera. It offers triple-layer protection for your phone so that your phone is always well protected — but if the moment strikes you and you want to capture some 360-degree videos or photos, simply fold down the top half of the back of the case and voila! You have access to the accessory port for attaching that camera. Available for $10, this case lets you make use of the camera accessory without compromising any protection. See at Amazon Update July 2018: Added the Tudia Carbon Fibr case to our list and updated the pricing information! Essential Phone Essential Phone review Essential Phone specs The latest Essential Phone news Join our Essential Phone forums! Amazon Best Buy Sprint Telus

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