Android P Beta 4 'release candidate' now available for Pixels, making way for public launch soon

As we close in on the official build, this is the best (and most stable) time to check out the pre-release software. Google has just released the fourth beta of Android P to developers and enthusiasts, marking the final release before the final is officially unveiled as a public release. Android P Beta 4 isn't designed to offer much change over Beta 3, as any substantial change now would likely just be held for the public release. Instead, Beta 4 is the final reminder to app developers that APIs have been finalized and this software is a great testing ground to make sure their apps are ready to go for the new software. Beta 4 is the last chance to get an early and semi-exclusive look at Android P before the public launch. Google is putting the official title of "release candidate" on this build, which means it's supposed to be stable and complete enough for regular use with "final system behaviors" and no major foreseen problems. Because of that designation, for those of us who aren't developers Beta 4 is a great way to get an early look at Android P with the least amount of risk prior to the official release. There won't be any big differences from Beta 3, but if you had previously only looked at the first beta or held off altogether, this will be a pretty big change for you. If you have either generation of Google Pixel, it's simple to enroll in the Beta Program and get an over-the-air update with the latest software. You can also manually update it with your computer if you're really eager. In either case, if you need any help with the process we have a great guide to help you through it. How to install Android P on your Pixel right now (and how to roll back to Oreo) Android P Android P: Everything you need to know Android P Beta hands-on: The best and worst features All the big Android announcements from Google I/O 2018 Will my phone get Android P? How to manually update your Pixel to Android P Join the Discussion

date: Wed, 25 Jul 2018 17:25:14 +0000