Best Google Pixel 2 Cases in 2018

Enhance the funky look of your Google Pixel 2 with the right case! The Google Pixel 2 Whether you love the design and want to enhance it, or simply looking for drop protection for your new phone, there's a case that's perfect for you. Google has partnered with a number of accessory makers for its 'Made for Google" certification program featured in the Google Store, but you can also find a ton of quality third-party cases to fit your needs. We'll run through the best options available straight from Google, then look at some cheaper options from Amazon. Google Live Cases Google Fabric Cases Power Support Air Jacket OtterBox Defender Series Bellroy Leather Case Ringke Fusion Spigen Rugged Armor LK Slim Thin Pixel 2 Case Incipio Carnaby Series Case Maxboost Folio Style Wallet Case Carved wooden cases RhinoShield SolidSuit Case Google Live Cases First up is the customizable Google Live Cases, which give you the option of customizing the back of your Pixel 2 with a personal photo or a wide range of styles curated by Google. For instance, you can choose a gorgeous satellite photo from Google Earth, and the case will pair with a matching live wallpaper for a cohesive look around your device that's absolutely gorgeous. Looking to add a bit more of an artistic flair to your case? Check out the Artworks Live Case and find something that matches your style. Google has curated a great selection of cases that feature artwork, photos from space, and naturally beautiful images that are really quite stunning. Prices range from $40 to $50 depending on the styling and your choice of a minimalist shell or a more rugged dual-layer case. Create and customize your own case via the Google Store. See at Google Store Google Fabric Cases If you like a little texture on your phone case, you'll love the Google Fabric Case which brings the look and most importantly the feel of the fabric finish found on other Google products, like the Home Mini and even the Daydream View. Designed in-house by Google, you can be sure of the build quality and fit. These cases offering a premium microfiber liner to ensure your device stays scuff-free and your choice of four color combinations for $40. See at Google Store Power Support Air Jacket If you're looking for a certified "Made for Google" clear case, look no further than Power Support Air Jacket. it's about as minimalist as you can get — a single piece of crystal clear polycarbonate that'll clip onto your new phone and virtually disappear while keeping your Pixel 2 save from harm. It also features a self-healing coating that'll ensure your case looks fresh even if you put it through hell. You can order yours from the Power Support website or buy it straight from Google with free shipping. However, at $35 it's also four times the price as other clear case options on this list. See at Google Store OtterBox Defender Series case OtterBox is a brand that's become synonymous with rugged phone cases, so it comes as no surprise that Google would get OtterBox onboard with its "Made for Google" certification program. The Defender Series is the classic OtterBox case that offers ultimate triple-layer protection for your phone — a shock-absorbing inner shell, rugged outer shell, and a screen protector up front. A cover prevents lint and dust from getting into the charging port, and despite its ruggedness, the case is designed to work with the Pixel 2's Active Edge technology. You can get yours from OtterBox directly or from the Google Store for $50. See at Google Store Bellroy Leather Case Looking to add a touch of class to your Pixel 2? How about an elegant leather case from Bellroy? These cases are as slim as possible with a design that really compliments the Pixel 2 while keeping it protected from harm. Made using premium leather and featuring a soft microfiber lining this is a lightweight case that will keep your phone well protected and age beautifully over time. It's also backed by a 3-year warranty from Bellroy. You can learn more about the case and materials used at, then get yours from the Google Store for $45 with free shipping! See at Google Store Ringke Fusion If you're debating whether to cover the design of your Pixel 2 in plastic or gamble by using it without a case, might we suggest a quality clear case? Ringke has their rugged clear case available for the Pixel 2. Made with a rugged panel of polycarbonate on the back panel and an easy-grip TPU bumper, this case will keep your new device protected while also letting the Pixel 2's design shine through. You'll also get lifted bezels around the camera and screen to protect those important pieces of glass, along with precise cutouts for the charging port and fingerprint scanner. Looking to save some money on your case? Yeah, us too. You can get this reliable case from Amazon for just $11. See at Amazon Spigen Rugged Armor Spigen has its full line of cases available for the Pixel 2 at affordable prices, but we'll recommend the Rugged Armor because it's slim and rugged with a signature look and feel. This is a lightweight case that adds little very little bulk, with carbon fiber detailing along the top and bottom. There's raised edges around the screen and around the camera on the back to protect against scratches and scuffs. I've been using the Rugged Armor case on my Pixel XL and it's held up against all of my klutziness. If you want great protection for your new phone without the bulk (or high price) of other case options, get Spigen's Rugged Armor case for just $13 on Amazon. See at Amazon LK Slim Thin Pixel 2 Case For those who want a cheap clear case to keep your phone protected without obscuring the Pixel 2's cool design, LK has a minimalist case for just $7. If you go with the clear case, you'll barely notice it at all and it won't add much bulk to the phone. There's also more colorful options like purple and mint green as well as a classic black look. Because it's made of flexible TPU and is thin, it should not impede the use of the Active Edge functionality. This case offers decent protection from anyone prone to dropping a new phone. Like me. See at Amazon Incipio Carnaby Series If you like the look of that Google Fabric case, but can't wrap your head around paying that much for a phone case, you'll want to consider the Carnaby Series case from Incipio. This is, I must say, one of the classier case styles I've seen emerge this year and the fact that it's also from a trusted brand like Incipio means that your phone will look great while also being well-protected from bumps and drops. The bulk of the case is made from TPU for good protection, while the exterior features a soft cotton finish that will feel great in your hand — you'll never want to put your phone down! It also includes ample cutouts around the fingerprint sensor and camera, along with a lip around the front to protect that screen. Get yours in elegant blue-grey for just $17.50! See at Amazon Maxboost Folio Style Wallet Case Cases typically offer a single function in that they keep our phones safe. Wallet cases are a different beast and let you keep the two most important things in your life — your phone and your money — all in one place. Maxboost offers a well-reviewed wallet case for the Google Pixel 2 that's got a stylish look and all the functionality that you'd expect. We're talking three card slots on the inside flap, a hidden side pocket for some cash, and a magnetic flap that comes around to keep everything secure. You can also fold over the case to use as a kickstand when you're watching your YouTube videos. It does all that with clean cutouts around the camera, fingerprint sensor, and charging port, and even includes cutouts around the earpiece so you can talk while keeping your screen covered. Available for just $13, it's a great option for your Pixel 2! See at Amazon Carved wooden cases Carved has a bunch of great case options available for phones like the Pixel 2, including 52 stylish pre-made option featuring a mix of cool prints and fancy cut wood designs with prices ranging from $29 to $55, along with a selection of classic wood grain cases for just $24. Carved also allows you to create your own custom case using an online case designer. They also offer the option to get a section of a map engraved or printed onto the case. With the right eye for design, you could design a case that uses the fingerprint scanner as part of your case's decoration. See at Carved RhinoShield SolidSuit Case RhinoShield makes some fantastic phone accessories that always seem to go a step beyond. With the SolidSuit case, you get a rugged case that's designed to both protect your phone and also give you the option of using add-on lens attachments that will enhance the experience of using the superb camera on the Pixel 2. First, you'll need the $5 lens adapter and then you can start investing in the superb lens kits that Rhinoshield also offers. The Pixel 2 is a great phone that really shines with the right accessories like this. Don't miss out on getting this RhinoShield case for just $35 on Amazon. See at Amazon Is the Pixel 2 too good looking for a case? What do you think of the Google Pixel 2's design? Too cool to cover with a case? Which cases are you interested in? Let us know in the comments! Updated June 2018: Added the RhinoShield SolidSuit to our list along with new pricing information These are still the best case options for the Pixel 2! Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Pixel 2 FAQ: Everything you need to know! 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