Ring Video Doorbell gets permanent price cut to just $100

Amazon also hints at possible Amazon Key functionality for Ring's smart doorbells. At the tail end of February, it was announced that Amazon had purchased smart doorbell-maker Ring for around $1 billion. That deal was officially completed on Thursday, April 12, and during an interview with CNET, Amazon's head of devices (Dave Limp) shed some light on what we'll see from the two brands going forward. Right off the bat, the biggest change consumers will see is a permanent price cut for the base Ring Video Doorbell. The smart gadget usually sold for around $150, but going forward, it'll have a new MSRP of just $100. Limp says this is a "major step" to get more people into the smart home security market, and it makes Ring's option even more affordable than competitor Nest's Hello smart doorbell that sells for $229. On a similar note, Limp also hinted that we could see its Amazon Key feature expand to Ring's doorbells in the near future. Commenting on this, he noted that – As it relates to Key, that's obviously one that we'll look at pretty closely. I wouldn't want to make any commitments at this point in time, but it's certainly one that's on the list that we'll start thinking about. The original Ring Video Doorbell isn't the best in its class, but for the new $100 price, it's one of the most affordable options that consumers have to choose from. If you still haven't jumped on the smart doorbell bandwagon, will this new price push you to do so? See at Amazon

source: https://www.androidcentral.com/ring-video-doorbell-gets-permanent-price-cut-just-100
date: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 15:12:56 +0000