Is Xbox Game Pass worth buying?

Xbox Game PassIt’s 2018, and there are membership programs for just about everything. Binge-watchers have Netflix, music-lovers have Spotify, and now gamers are getting the same treatment with the arrival of Xbox Game Pass. For the uninitiated, Xbox Game Pass is a program that grants members unlimited access to a catalogue of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games at a monthly price. Similar to Netflix, new titles are added regularly, which means users have the opportunity to dabble in a variety of new content throughout their membership. Plus, Microsoft exclusive titles (like Netflix Originals) are another huge perk. And, considering the fact that most Xbox One titles hit the shelves at around $60 (plus an additional $20 or $30 if you’re getting DLC), Xbox Game Pass could very well be a cost-effective option for those looking to play new and classic games without going over budget. Of course, with a setup like this, Xbox Game Pass’ value hinges on the quality of its game catalogue. And, given the fact that heavy-hitters like Sea of Thieves and Halo 5 are populating its digital shelves, it is definitely worth your time, or, at the very least, the two-week free trial. Here are three games available on Xbox Game Pass that make it worth the buy: Sea of Thieves — Combining shared-world multiplayer with a seaworthy aesthetic, recently-launched Sea of Thieves lets you set sail solo or with friends as you explore, fight, and plunder your way to pirate glory. From ship-to-ship sea battles to swashbuckling skeletons, this game is loaded with enough action and loot to make your online experience one to remember. Robocraft Infinity — Added this month, Robocraft Infinity taps into the high-octane thrills that come with competitive multiplayer games as you create and fight robots in the Battle Arena and Team Deathmatch mode. You and your team can take on other players using a variety of jet cars, tanks, flying warships, helicopters, drones, dinosaurs, and other robots as you duke it out online. Halo 5: Guardians — Halo 5: Guardians lets you continue the saga of Master Chief as you access a new, epic campaign with up to four-player cooperative gameplay that spans three worlds. Combine this with the massive Warzone multiplayer game mode and enhanced level-building tools, and you’ll have plenty of content to game through. You can try out a free two-week trial now: Try Xbox Game Pass The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB. Looking for a new phone or plan? Start here with the Android Authority Plan Tool: This smart tool lets you filter plans by phone, price, data tiers, and regional availability. Stop overpaying for cell service you hate and a phone that you’re tired of. Use our Compare Phones & Plans tool to fully customize your mobile experience and painlessly transition from one carrier to another!

date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 19:36:22 +0000