Class action suit against Facebook for Tag Suggestions will go forward

Illinois Facebook users filed a class action suit against the company in 2015 over Tag Suggestions, the algorithm that recognizes who to tag in your photos. A U.S. federal judge today ruled the Facebook Tag Suggestions lawsuit will go forward, clearing the way for a trial or a settlement. This Facebook Tag Suggestions lawsuit is yet another privacy scandal the social network faces. You know how when you upload a photo to Facebook, the software will suggest who to tag in each photo? To do that, it uses facial recognition algorithms which determine who is in the photo based on other Facebook photos. Users in Illinois filed a class action suit against Facebook over that technology in 2015. The allegation is that Facebook violated an Illinois state law regarding the privacy of biometric information. Editor's PickFacebook not working? Here’s how to fix the appFacebook is one of those services that is hard to live without. You probably use the app to connect to friends, family, coworkers, and the occasional frenemy, so it’s hard to bounce back when you … Now, nearly three years after the users filed the class action suit against the company, a U.S. federal judge ruled that Facebook must defend the case, via Reuters. This is a huge step, as certification of a class action suit is a significant hurdle that is difficult to overcome. Facebook’s lawyers said they are reviewing the ruling and “believe the case has no merit.” Regardless of what the lawyers believe, this ruling means that they will either have to go to court to defend the company or issue a settlement. Editor's PickHow to read your valuable personal Facebook data If we’ve learned anything from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, its that our personal Facebook data has some real value. The fact that Cambridge Analytica allegedly paid big bucks to get the data, then directly lied … With the Cambridge Analytica scandal dominating press headlines for weeks now, it might be in Facebook’s best interests to settle this rather than go to court over yet another privacy issue. However, settling suggests guilt or at the very least an admission that the plaintiffs have a valid case, so Facebook may choose to go to court. Either way, the outcome of the suit could have major ramifications for how tagging Facebook photos works. It could very well be that in the future you will have to once again manually tag every photo rather than rely on the facial recognition algorithm to do most of the work for you. We’ll follow along with the progress of this suit and keep you updated on how things develop. NEXT: Go ahead, delete Facebook. You’ll be back.

date: Tue, 17 Apr 2018 18:22:06 +0000