Best Verizon Phones in 2018

Best overall Best for features Best modular phone Best for video Best overall Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL See Pixel 2 at Verizon See Pixel 2 XL at Verizon The Google Pixel 2 isn't just a great phone; it's a duo of phones in different sizes that both pack some serious power. Available as the 5-inch Pixel 2 and the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL, Google's strategy is clear: simplicity and speed. And it delivers. The designs may not be particularly inspiring, but the Pixel 2 has some very solid specifications, including a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and either 64GB or 128GB of storage. In addition, the 12.2MP f/1.8 camera arguably leads the industry as the best camera on any smartphone. Bottom line: The Pixel 2 offers the best Android experience around, and promises timely updates for at least two years. One more thing: The Pixel 2 XL has had various display issues, but most of them have been fixed with software updates. Why the Pixel 2 is the best The Pixel 2 is simply as Android as Android gets. There's simply no better way to experience Google's vision for Android than with one of the new Pixels. Both phones feature identical specifications, offering the same unbeatable performance no matter your preferred size — though you'll find significantly smaller bezels on the Pixel 2 XL. From the moment you turn it on, the Pixel 2 is speedier than any other Android phone on the market, and lighter, too; you won't find a lick of bloatware on the Pixel 2. A clean app list isn't the only advantage of owning a Pixel 2, though. Google is always looking to make its various services more easily accessible, and the Pixel 2 achieves this with Active Edge, which launches Google Assistant whenever you squeeze the sides of the phone. There's also the Now Playing feature, which automatically identifies songs playing around you — even if you're offline. It's also hard to beat the Pixel 2's camera. Though many modern phones have adopted a dual lens system for features like portrait mode photography, Google is betting that its machine learning technology can achieve better results with a single camera — turns out they're right. The Pixel 2 takes absolutely stunning photos, and its users receive unlimited storage in Google Photos to back up their shots without any loss in quality. Best for features Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ See at Verizon If stock Android isn't a priority for you, you might want to look into the Galaxy S9 or the larger S9+. The curved glass design is beautiful and comfortable to hold, and Samsung's display tech is unrivaled. The cameras are pretty great, too — the S9 is the first phone to feature dual apertures, allowing for more optimal settings in different lighting conditions. The S9+ even features a second rear camera, used for telephoto zoom. Between water resistance, wireless charging, micro SD expansion, Samsung Pay, and even a headphone jack, the Galaxy S9 packs every feature you could possibly want in a modern smartphone, and it does it all in a relatively small package. Bottom line: Few phones pull off beauty and brawn as well as the Galaxy S9. One more thing: The S9 and S9+ don't have the best battery life. You might want to keep a portable battery pack handy. Best modular phone Moto Z2 Force See at Verizon The Moto Z2 Force wears many hats; it's Motorola's current flagship, it's one of the most durable phones on the market thanks to its ShatterShield display, and it's by far the most modular phone around. No other manufacturer offers the level of customization that Motorola provides through its Moto Mod ecosystem of accessories, turning the Moto Z2 Force into a Swiss Army Knife that can act as a projector, a loudspeaker, and more — the possibilities are seemingly endless. Bottom line: The Moto Z2 Force is an incredibly versatile phone that's just as durable as it is modular. One more thing: While it's unlikely to crack, the Moto Z2 Force's ShatterShield display is very prone to scratches. Best for video LG V30 See at Verizon If you're passionate about videography, look no further than the LG V30. Its dual camera module takes stunning photos with options for wide angle or telephoto shots, and the camera app features an incredibly powerful array of video tools, including manual controls and even LOG video with LUTs. The V30 looks equally great on paper. The Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM ensure top-notch performance, and it's even capable of microSD expandability. Bottom line: The V30 is a great tool for video professionals as well as an excellent and well-rounded phone. One more thing: LG's included quad DAC provides incredible audio quality when using headphones with the V30. Updated April 2018: The Galaxy Note 8 has been replaced with the newer Galaxy S9 and S9+.

date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 18:00:00 +0000