Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9+

Pump, pump, pump it up! The Galaxy S9+ is a stunning slab of metal and glass. But that stunning slab quickly turns to a sorry slab the moment you drop it onto the ground. As hard as it may be to hide that nice design, a case is almost a requirement with these phones. If you're looking for a case for your Samsung Galaxy S9+, look no further! If you're looking for a case for the smaller Galaxy S9, check out our list of those. Samsung Alcantara Cover HOVED Slim Fit Besiva Ultra Slim Maxboost Wallet Case Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster case Trianium Clarium Clear Hybrid Samsung Alcantara Cover If you want to stick to first-party options, Samsung has you — and your phone — covered. Samsung's Alcantara cover is on the spendy side, but with good reason: it's cut precisely for your phone, and the Alcantara will feel luxurious in your hands. You get easy ample cutouts for the cameras, flash, fingerprint sensor and other ports. There are also covers for the power, volume and Bixby buttons so you don't have to dig your finger in to activate your favorite voice assistant. At $50, Samsung's Alcantara case is by far the most expensive choice on our list. Having said that, you'll get a case that protects your phone and is super comfortable to hold. The Samsung Alcantara Cover is available in black, blue, and red. See at Amazon HOVED Slim Fit Sometimes, you just need a bit of extra grip for your phone. One case that does just that is HOVED's slim fit case. You get the bare minimum amount of protection, but it'll still be better than leaving your phone naked. Also, the extra bit of grip may be the difference between having a firm hold on your phone and it slipping out of your hands. HOVED's slim fit case still offers easy access to all the phone's ports, as well as precise cutouts for the cameras, flash and fingerprint sensor. Again, the buttons are covered so you don't need to dig your finger down into the case itself. All in all, HOVED's slim fit case is perfect for those that don't want much bulk but still want a bit of protection. At $12, it's a worthwhile investment for your phone. The HOVED Slim Fit case is only available in black at the time of writing. See at Amazon Besiva Ultra Slim Cover Case I'm not sure this case actually qualifies as "ultra slim," but it's a solid choice nonetheless. You get a super rugged case that can handle plenty of drops and tumbles, but you also get an integrated Spigen-esque metal ring on the back. But wait, we're not done yet! Inside that metal ring is a magnet, making this the perfect companion for a magnetic car mount. One downside is the lack of a front lip, meaning you'll also want to invest in a screen protector. Also, it's likely the metal ring will interfere with wireless charging. The Besiva Ultra Slim Cover Case is available in black for $10. See at Amazon Maxboost Wallet Case Wallet cases are a great way to consolidate all the things in your pockets, and Maxboost has a wallet case just for the S9+. You get three slots for cards and IDs — there's no ID card window, unfortunately — and you can prop the case on itself to create a phone stand. There's also a small pouch for paper currency, and a magnetic flap to keep it all together. Because the S9+ has its volume buttons on the left side, you'll need to open the case to crank your music up. That's unfortunate, but it'll be true of any wallet case for the S9 series. At $13, the Maxboost Wallet Case is a low-cost way to declutter your pockets and protect your phone. At the time of writing, it is only available in black leather. See at Amazon Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone Spigen has been making phone cases since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and they have a good variety of styles to protect your phone. One of the more unique styles is their Neo Hybrid line with Herringone pattern. You can protect your phone, while also matching styles with your necktie. The case comes in two parts: a TPU layer that hugs your phone, and a hard plastic bumper frame for extra protection. Spigen highlights that the case still allows for Qi wireless charging, which is something thicker cases may interfere with. The Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone case is available in a variety of colors for between $15 and $17. If the Herringbone style doesn't strike your fancy, Spigen has plenty of other cases for the S9+. See at Amazon SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster case Another great option if you toss your phone around a lot is SUPCASE's Rugged Holster case. You don't have to use the included holster, but the option is there. There is a generous lip around the front of the phone, helping protect the screen from getting cracked. There are flaps over the charging and audio ports, helping protect your phone's insides from dirt and dust. And while the case is thick, you'll still be able to use wireless charging. The SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster case is available in black, blue, pink, and white for $23. See at Amazon Trianium Clarium Clear case All of the other cases hide the design of the phone. If you bought one of the exotic colors the phone is available in, you'll want to show off that design. A clear case is perfect to give you more grip on the phone, protect the phone when your grip fails, and still show off those crazy colors. Trianium makes an excellent clear case that does just that. There isn't much front protection, but it is compatible with most screen protectors. You get easy access to the ports, fingerprint sensor, and buttons, and since it's a thin case wireless charging will work without issue. The Trianium Clarium Clear case is available for $9. There's also a black tinted version available for $10. See at Amazon What say you? Which case are you using on your Galaxy S9+? Let us know down below! Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Galaxy S9 review: A great phone for the masses Galaxy S9 and S9+: Everything you need to know! Complete Galaxy S9 and S9+ specs Galaxy S9 vs. Google Pixel 2: Which should you buy? Galaxy S9 vs. Galaxy S8: Should you upgrade? Join our Galaxy S9 forums Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint

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