Nest Hello video doorbell now available alongside x Yale Lock and temperature sensor

It was only a few weeks ago that Google announced they’d officially be reabsorbing Nest after operating them independently for years. Nest has built a name for themselves in the smart thermostat/security camera market and now it looks like they’re ready to introduce a few new products in the Google/Nest ecosystem. We already knew the previously announced Nest Hello video doorbell was scheduled to go on sale sometime this month and it’s now officially available for purchase starting today. Priced at $230, the video doorbell joins the $250 Next x Yale lock (smart door lock) which allows you to open your door with an app or PIN code. There’s also the a $40 Nest Temperature Sensor that links up to the company’s smart thermostat for better comfort in a specific room (a 3-pack is also available for $100). The smart home wars have officially begun and things have recently started heating up after Amazon announced it was buying video doorbell maker Ring for a cool $1 billion. With Google/Nest being Amazon’s biggest competition, don’t expect to buy Nest’s new smart home line with your Prime subscription anytime soon. To pick up one of these products (or all of them?) for yourself, you can buy them directly from Nest using the links below. They’re also headed to Best Buy, so you can try there as well. Buy the Nest HelloBuy Nest x Yale LockBuy Nest Temperature Sensor

date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 22:56:12 +0000